Monday, March 23, 2009

Change is Good...Not!

As I mentioned in the last entry on Friday, George and I were looking forward to enjoying burgers at our neighborhood bar right after work and spending Saturday hiking in wonderful Red Rock Canyon.

Well, none of our plans fully materialized.

In my last entry I’ve also touted that the burgers served at O’Aces Bar & Grill, our local dive around the corner from where we live, are one of the best burgers in town. Well, make that in past tense.

History! Kaputt! Nix mehr!

Fine then! We just make our own burgers in the future. So...there!

They have renovated the place. Unfortunately, it seemed as if they’ve not only renovated the dining area but also made some changes to their kitchen and the staff.

Their burgers used to be fresh and juicy, made to order with a flavor to die for. What we got on Friday evening was anything but. Dry, tasteless, smallish are the best decriptions I can come up with. Did we accidently walk into a joint of these indistinguishable fast food chains? Seriously, we couldn’t believe this travesty. What happened to that “I just died and went to heaven” flavor?

Oh, that’s right. They renovated...upgraded...improved. In order to cover these expenses they’ve started to cut corners on quality and quantity of food and probably hired a new, less-experienced cook. Not only was the food bad, they also served smaller portions. And on top of that they charged two dollars more per plate.

Be aware of “renovations.” Or “re-designed” packaging. Or “new” and “improved” flavors. That usually means that a product, whatever it may be, is now being produced with cheaper materials or ingredients. Miraculously, the contents inside the “re-invented” packaging always seems to be getting smaller. And of course the prices have increased too. You know, the costs of these so-called “improvements” must be recovered somehow.

But everything is just so much better now!

Or so they’d like us to believe.

Ahhh, insidious and schemed greed. It’s still alive and well in a country inhabited by drone-like people whom never question anything, taking everything for granted and just want to maintain the status quo. It’s so much more convenient this way.

Sorry, we don’t play that game. O’Aces has seen the last of us. And why do people always have a need to “fix” things that don’t need fixing. Sometimes change is not good. Not good at all! It’s too bad though because O’Aces had something really good going for them.

Geez, who would’ve guessed I’d get so bitter over a darn cheeseburger?

Red Rock Canyon - the way it should have been.

Our hiking trip to Red Rock Canyon also hit a little snag on Saturday morning. It was just too stormy outside. George and I decided to do some house cleaning instead and also caught up on movies which we’ve recorded over the last few weeks. Yesterday the weather decided to be particularly grey and dreary. The temperature dropped by twenty degrees. We still took a walk in our park but had to cut it short due to more gusty winds and unexpected sudden rain.

Not quite the weekend we had planned for. But there’s always another one coming up. And next weekend...come rain or shine...we’re off to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It’s George’s birthday on Friday and the Disney folks grant free admission to everyone whom visits the Magic Kingdom on their birthdays. We’ll be meeting with George’s brother and his girlfriend and make a funtabulous day out of it. we come!

Besides, we’re in desperate need of another Disney fix. Our last trip to Walt Disney World in Florida has already been over five months ago.

And a Disney fan can only stay away from the House of Mouse for so long.


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Jeff said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear about your O'Aces experience. That sux. I'm a firm believer in the old adage that if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Hope you guys have a great trip to Disneyland! I was last there in 1979!

And early birthday greetings to George! Hope the year ahead is the best one yet!