Friday, March 20, 2009

Text Away

George and I don’t do texting. We think it’s stupid. Obviously we’re standing alone with that opinion since the rest of the world is apparently hooked on it.

We just don’t see the benefits in it. By the time I have finished typing in some morse code-ish garbledygook, I have already dialed the number and talked to the person whom I wanted to convey a message to in the first place. And I may have gotten a lovely conversation out of it too. At the very least, I may have left a friendly voice mail in case that person is unavailable.

I’m big on having a pleasant and friendly conversation. I think it’s much nicer to have a little chat with someone than receiving an impersonal text message like “sup?”

George and I have blocked the texting feature on our cell phones. Because we wouldn’t use it anyway and it’s cheaper. So, don’t try to text us “how r u?” We wouldn’t receive it and it would get lost in cyber space forever. We wouldn’t answer it anyway. It’s like someone saying “Hey!”

George and I don’t respond to “Hey!” Hay is for horses.

With all the advancements and conveniences of communication devices such as a cell phone, it’s amazing that people in today’s society somehow seem to have lost the ability to talk to each other on a personal level. Is it any wonder that children these days can’t properly articulate? They don’t have any communication skills at all. Just saying “Hi” is already a chore for them. And forget about hearing them say “Please” or “Thank you.” That is completely out of the question.

I fear for this generation and their lack of knowing how to properly communicate or even how to conduct certain etiquette in a person-to-person situation. It’ll be interesting when they start having to face real life and enter the work force.

I pity them. They grow up without any basic social skills. What a great loss for them. They don’t even know what they’re missing.

Now on a much lighter’s finally Friday.


Talking about proper articulation here.

Right after work, George and I will be heading to our favorite neighborhood dive “O’Aces” and enjoy one of the best burgers in town. Cooked to order with your choice of different cheeses. With french or curly fries. They’re one of the best. Afterwards we’ll walk next door to Wal-mart to get some things we need.

The O'Aces Bar & Grill on North Rainbow Boulevard and West Cheyenne Avenue, basically just around the corner from where we live.

Yes, we shop at Wal-mart. We admit it. We’re not proud of it either. But some of their merchandise is actually cheaper than at their competitors. And in this crappy economy every penny counts. Please don’t judge us. Pride be damned.

We were planning on hiking in Red Rock Canyon tomorrow. The weather may not cooperate though. Strong winds and possible rain is in the forecast. We have to wait and see.

Nevertheless, it’ll be a great weekend.

Because I said so!

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Jeff said...

Oy. I know what you mean re texting... Neither Brad nor I have ever sent a text message in our lives. (We barely have a cell phone. It's in the car and off most of the time and we use it only when we need to.) I guess it's a generational thing. And I agree, too, that the younger generation needs more person to person etiquette.
I do use Hey, however. (Please don't judge me! ;)
Hope you had a great burger and that the weather cooperated today!