Monday, March 30, 2009

George’s Birthday

George’s birthday was this last Friday and we celebrated in Disneyland. His brother Thomas and girlfriend Sharon came as well and we all spent an amazing day at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

The next day George and I drove to Manhattan Beach but finding a parking space there was next to impossible. We ended up in Hermosa Beach and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day walking along the Strand and having a gigantic pizza at Zeppy’s.

We really can’t add much more other than it was another wonderful weekend in California. So why don’t we let the photos do the talking. Isn’t a picture suppose to say more than a thousand words?


The evening before - the entrance to Disney’s California Adventure theme park, adjacent to the Disneyland Park.

We started George’s birthday by heading over to Downtown Disney where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Catal restaurant.

And here we finally are at Disneyland.

There is trouble even in paradise. A maintenance worker checking the Alice in Wonderland attraction.

A car got stuck on the Alice in Wonderland ride. The guests take it in stride while a cast member entertains them.

Even extra-terrestrials have to go sometimes.

Here’s the big cheese himself. No, no, the one with the big ears.

The following photos were taken in Hermosa Beach which we’ve visited the next day.

Above is a picture of Zeppy’s where we had pizza. The photo below was taken at the Mad Greek in Baker, CA. Located between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert and literally in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, we had to add more to our Disney Pins collection. Yes, we’re afraid it’ll turn into some kind of addiction. Here above you’ll see some of our booty.

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Jeff said...

Sigh... So sunny and warm! What a fabulous way to spend a birthday weekend! Now you've got me wanting to go back to California, too! Not that that's a bad thing! :)