Friday, April 30, 2010


Michelangelo’s famous statue David was on loan in the United States.

After two years he was sent back to Italy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Departing Planet Vegas

The new City Center on the Las Vegas “Strip” opened in December 2009. This multi-billion dollar complex of hotels, condominiums, a shopping mall and of course a casino, is a complete departure from the usual Las Vegas casino fare in style and form.

This type of urban living space, while not a brand-new concept, may have worked well in cities like Los Angeles or Atlanta. However, I’m not so sure if this will work for this surreal planet called Vegas. Is this a new direction the future of Las Vegas might take? Only time will tell.

We still don’t quite know what to make of it. I love some things but also hate other parts. I don’t think George cares for any of it at all. A matter of opinion and taste, I suppose. Here are impressions from the City Center in Las Vegas from last Friday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Homer’s Weekend in Vegas

Homer was in town over the weekend to visit his friend Erich. George and I met Homer, Erich and Erich's roommate David for dinner at the Venetian on Saturday evening. It was great seeing Homer again and meeting his friends. I just loved George’s comment when we all sat down for dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe: “Look at this table full of fur.”

Indeed, it was quite something to behold.

Homer was trying his luck on one of these Indiana Jones-themed slot machines. Despite hearing a hat that looked like the one Indy's dad was wearing in the movies, Homer walked away rather empty handed.

Afterwards we strolled along a very bustling “Strip” and ended up having gelato at the Bellagio, where we were also taking in the dancing water fountains and the Spring flower display at their garden conservatory. What a fun evening it was.

Yesterday, Homer spent most of the day with us at our house as Erich had to work. It was another fun day that involved more food. We made breakfast with scrambled eggs and bagels and went out for pizza around lunchtime. And sometime in the afternoon we all enjoyed huge bowls of butter pecan ice cream. Homer having ice cream at our place seems to be turning into some kind of tradition. We haven’t eaten so much at once on a weekend in a very long time.

I luvs me some Homie.

While we waited for the pizza, Homer was contemplating which photos to use on his blog.

Homer enjoys ice cream.

Homer is now on his way back to Tucson. George and I hope to see him again down in Tucson over Memorial Day weekend.

More fun times ahead...and more food.

I’m almost sure of it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Every Day is Earth Day

Today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

Have we learned anything from our mistakes and are we doing enough to save and protect the only Earth we have available? Granted, a few things have changed for the better. But not nearly enough. How much more destruction, pollution and misery will it take for humanity to realize what impact it is having on every living thing on this planet.

We all have to do our part.

But not just on that one single day we call ‘Earth Day.’ Every day is Earth Day. Every single day counts.

Because time is running out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Another crazy week is coming to a close. We’ve been so busy at work lately that there wasn’t much time for anything else. And on the weekends we’re trying to cramp in as much as possible all the other chores that need to be taken care of. George also has to study for his classes on top of that. By the end of our weekends we feel mostly drained. That’s when we’re ready for an actual weekend but that dreaded Monday is already lurking around the corner.

It could be worse I suppose. We should be glad that we have jobs and are able to pay our bills. But sometimes it would be just nice to take a day or two off.

That said, that’s exactly what we’re going to do in about three weeks. We’ll be on our way for another extended weekend trip to the City of Angels. Our main reason for our visit to Los Angeles will be an open-air concert with Peter Gabriel at the Hollywood Bowl. An extraordinary performer at an amazing venue. How let’s hope the weather will play along as well.

There are no specific plans for the rest of the time. Don’t you just love it? We’ll just wake up in the morning and see where the wind will take to speak. Whatever happens happens and it will be marvelous. It could either be a nice day at the beach or a visit to the many museums this great city has to offer. We’ll be checking out one or two of our favorite eating places and of course a visit to our favorite coffee house can’t be missed. I’m also hoping to meet a fellow blogger while we’re there.

Speaking of fellow bloggers. Everybody’s favorite archeologist will be spending a few days in our fair city of sin next week. Homer is visiting a friend and George and I are looking forward to have a nice lunch or dinner with him while he’s here. It will be great to see him again.

Homer and I at Valley of Fire last year

Other than that there’s not much else to report. Politically there’s a lot going on in this city, in Nevada and the whole country. It just makes my head spin, to say the least. Can anyone say banana republic? Or fascist police state? Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not in the middle of a nightmare. Unfortunately, the political circus which is currently unfolding could very well turn into one big ugly nightmare for sure.

But I don’t have the energy to rant right now. I wonder if that is some devious scheme of these perverts aka Tea Baggers/Republifucks/Christianists. To completely overwhelm us liberal thinking, free-spirit minded people with all their exaggerated lies and intimidation that eventually we’ll be so exhausted from their vile tactics and just simply give in.

Well, that’s not going to happen. And there’s still hope that more fair-minded voters will come to see through the empty rhetoric of these fearmongering dimwits come this November’s election and deliver one big surprise to these deceiving squallers. However...and you knew that was coming...I will not hold my breath.

For now though, I’m just happy it’s finally Friday and we’re slowly approaching a well deserved weekend. And no long list of household chores this time.

Except for doing laundry, buying groceries, dusting, vacuuming...


Monday, April 12, 2010

An April Morning Walk

Yesterday morning, George and I went on our usual walking/jogging route through nearby Pueblo Park in Summerlin. The weather was gorgeous. It has started to warm up nicely but yesterday’s gentle breezes left just a wee of a chill in the air. It was partly cloudy too and it helped to shield us from the sun. We both still got plenty of color though. It won’t be long before I have to slather nasty sunscreen lotion all over me before I leave the house. The harsh desert sun is not very kind to my skin.

A wetter than usual winter brought an abundance of blooming brushes and trees and is covering the desert floor with fresh wild grass and colorful flowers.

We took a few pictures yesterday but those don’t even scratch the surface to show all of the beauty around us. Just an ever so small glimpse.

Dropping off a letter at our post office on the way to the park

George in Pueblo Park with the Spring Mountain Range in the background

The park and the city is covered with these

The ocotillos to my left and right are about to bloom, showing off bright red blossoms

Flowers are found all over the place

Most of the desert yucca plants are carrying a heavy load of blossoms

This yucca had a visitor...a little ladybug

More flowers galore, growing out of the most unusual places

Most of the thorns of this tree branch are roughly two to three inches long and are quite piercing.

Friday, April 9, 2010

April Randomness

So far this April has been just extremely busy. Nothing much has happened besides a lot of work. For now, all we have to offer are some photos, randomly taken over the last two weekends at our home and in our current hometown of Las Vegas.

On this note...have a great weekend, ya’ll.

Outside my workplace on a rare cloudy afternoon in Las Vegas

The Wynn Resort, seen from the backside of the Fashion Show Mall.

Inside the new wing of the Fashion Show Mall.

Shadow play and reflections on our kitchen counter.

Detail of our espresso maker.

Early morning sunshine.

My humble self at the pool area of the Bellagio, just across their fine arts gallery.

The shops inside the Bellago Hotel & Casino.

Detail of the Bellagio hotel tower to the right and the new Cosmopolitan.

The faces of a new Las Vegas emerges behind the Bellagio Villas, the towers of the Harmon and the Cosmopolitan.

The dancing water fountains of the Bellagio at dusk.

On the casino floor of the Paris-Las Vegas Resort & Casino.