Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Opinion vs. Facts

Sometimes a little sarcasm is good for the soul.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Back in March, George and I were planning on going to Six Flag’s Magic Mountain. Due to record rainfall in Southern California at the time that plan literally went down the drain. We opted instead to go see a concert of the L.A. Philharmonics at the Disney Concert Hall.

About three weeks ago we were finally able to cash in that raincheck and spent another fun day at Magic Mountain in Valencia, in the outskirts of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. This huge, green and lush theme park, which is nestled in picturesque rolling hills, is home to some the fastest and wildest roller coasters on this planet. With the opening of a brand-new conceptual coaster, called the “Green Lantern,” later this summer, it will boast the most numbers of coasters in any theme park in the world.

The afternoon and evening before was spent with George’s brother Thomas and his friend at Downtown Disney. We had a wonderful dinner together and were strolling through the Disney resorts and stores afterwards.

Below are some images from that weekend.

We stayed at a hotel on Katella Avenue in Anaheim, CA, in walkable distance to the Disneyland Resort.

Even though we didn’t actually visit Disneyland we took some obligatory pictures standing ‘in front’ of it.

At Downtown Disney, this man worked hours and hours on this sand sculpture, promoting the new Disney Nature film “African Cats.”

George, his brother Thomas and I at a nightly Downtown Disney.

The next day we drove to Magic Mountain. Here is the marquee along the I-5 freeway at Magic Mountain Parkway.

The first few of countless roller coasters in various shapes, heights and forms are visible from the parking lot.

Way up in the hills is the Viper, with its many loopings, corkscrews and other types of twisted inversions.

A interesting view looking upwards the X2, one of the craziest, most wildest rides around. X2 is a so-called fourth-dimension coaster. When I rode it for the very first time a few years ago I didn’t even know what just had happened to me. Too many sensations at once...

The totally awesome Tatsu, a “flying” coaster and the white loop of the “Revolution,” the world’s first-ever looping roller coaster. This one was featured in the 1977 disaster-suspense movie “Rollercoaster,” starring Richard Widmark, George Segal and Timothy Bottoms. We would pass the spot of the curving steel track many times where Timothy Bottom’s character would eventually find his demise at the end of the movie. A ‘historical’ landmark, so to speak.

George waiting in line for Tatsu.

One has an incredible view of the Santa Clarita valley from the boarding station of Tatsu.

Part of the ‘flying’ coaster Tatsu and the Sky Tower, one of the few remaining original attrations from when this park first openend back in 1971.

The sun is setting behind the Southern California hills and “The Riddler,” the world’s fastest standing coaster.