Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Change of Pace

Okay, let's change subjects here. Enough with rants, political opinions or natural disasters. Let me slow down the pace and just share some photos of our neck in the woods. The following pictures just show stuff that George and I have been doing the last two weekends.

Here is George, enjoying this amazing dessert at one of our favorite restaurants in Las Vegas, Planet Dailies at Planet Hollywood Resort on the “Strip.” It consisted of crêpes, covered with warm apples and pears in caramel sauce and real french vanilla ice cream. Absolutely divine!

It is a bit on the pricey side, but the Planet Dailies coffee shop serves the most scrumptious food, prepared always fresh with the best ingredients.

The trendy casino floor of the Planet Hollywood Resort.

The new face of future Las Vegas. Gone are the themes of pirates, white tigers and the Wizard of Oz. This is MGM Mirage's new City Center project and will open by the end of this year.

We love our home. Why would we even want to leave?

Well, it's spring time in the desert and it's starting to warm up again. Wherever you look, it's blooming and sprouting. This is our joshua tree in front of our house. And after 17 years it is blooming for the very first time. We are beyond excited.

Details of our joshua tree blossoms.

More detail pics of one of our palm trees and a snail vine bud.

Speaking of “The Wizard of Oz.” Last Saturday evening we both went to see the stage production of “The Wiz” at the Lowden Theatre of the Las Vegas Academy.

As usual, the students were amazing and one could not ask for a better performance. Not even on Broadway. The live orchestra was flawless. However, we did notice one thing. Since this play is in essence a black musical, it was interesting that most of the white singers and dancers were better than the black performers. Does this observation make me a racist? See what Political Correctness does to us? Geez!

Right outside the theater one has a perfect view of the Stratosphere Tower, the tallest structure west of the Mississippi.

Well, there you have it. Another perfect weekend in Sin City.


Jeff said...

Great pics! It's nice to know how you guys live. I'm jealous of your spring (ours is still another couple of months away, I fear! :(

Your house looks great (and I still recall those VIEWS!). Now that ours is finally paid off, we are going to get into revovating mode, I think!


Anonymous said...

Mit bannane, nix apfel und biernen.
Und nix kase, pilze un zwiebel : )

The Persian said...

I love planet hollywood, and that dessert looks (and sounds) incredible. I wish springtime here in Massachusetts was as colorful as it is in Las Vegas.