Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Weekend in Homer's World

George and I spent an amazing long weekend in Tucson, thanks to our host Homer. And his entourage of cute kitties, a bunny and a whole bunch of geckos.

Homer was not only the most hospitable host but also our most knowledgeable tour guide. He showed us a variety of historical sites and some of his favorite local hangouts.

We had a lovely time just hanging out at Homer’s comfy casa, enjoying his company and his cooking. Mama Cat, Puff, Joey and Snowball made me miss my cats even more and Bunny visited a few times for some treats. We also got to try really delicious Mexican food at Rosa’s restaurant, that many readers may recall from various entries on Homer’s blog. And we bought some groceries at the “infamous” Mexican Safeway.

One afternoon we went to a fun pool party where George and I were introduced to some of Homer’s friends. Needless to say that he knows some pretty cool people. On our last day we visited Cobban and Ray at their beautiful home, close to the Mexican border. It was great to finally meet them in person after years of being acquaintances on a virtual basis only, through Cobban’s blog, Facebook or e-mail messages.

Yesterday evening on Memorial Day, the “aluminum tube of death,” as Homer calls airplanes, brought us back home to Las Vegas safely and in one piece. We already miss Homer, the kitties and his wonderful friends. Although, we’re sure that he’s glad that peace and quiet has finally returned to Homer’s World.

Below are some first impression from our weekend in Tucson with Homer and friends. More will follow in the coming days.

Puff, Snowball and Joey. Mama Cat was sleeping in next room

Homer and George in front of the “infamous” blue door. Aren’t they both just too adorable?

This was basically a blogger’s convention. Cobban, Homer, George and I at the “Stolen Horseshoe,” Cobban and Ray’s amazing house

That’s me with Ray

Homer and I standing in front of another “infamous” staple of Homer’s World...the orange wall


Anonymous said...

look at all those handsome hunks!!!

Homer said...


Doug Taron said...

I'm jealous, you got to see a bunch of my Tucson area friends. It's still nearly 2 months before I will get back that way. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Jim said...

@Doug - Now I'm jealous. You get to see a whole bunch of great people again. :)

@Homer - You ARE infamous! ;)

@Anonymous - and we all know who you are, lol - yes, handsome hunks all of them. Why do they live so far away? Sigh!