Monday, June 21, 2010

Putting on the Brakes

It has been another few busy weeks. What else is new, right? It seems like there is hardly time to just take a little breather every once in a while.

On top of work, there are constantly chores and other duties which needs tending to. And even though George already had his commencement ceremony, he still has two more classes to finish up.

I have to stop getting too wrought up about the news. There are days were I literally want to scream after reading certain headlines and articles. Why is the human race doing everything in its power to destroy the only livable planet in this solar system? How much more profit is needed to satisfy greedy shareholders. How much more aggression and pain needs to be afflicted to make a statement. Hasn’t history already given enough examples for society to realize that we need to rethink and change our way of life. But our society has become so apathetic and complacent to a point where I feel it’s already to late to save ourselves from ourselves.

With all the craziness going on all around us, George and I try to squeeze in some quality time as much as possible. More people should try that. Putting on the brakes to stop for a moment and simply Because this one life is all we have. It’s already too short the way it is and far to precious to waste.

Below are some of those savoring little moments in our lives...a blooming flower, a leisurely drive through town, a home-cooked meal enjoyed in the patio of our backyard. Or just each other’s company.

Isn’t that what it’s really all about?

The desert bird of paradise is blooming in our backyard

Driving leisurely through town

An evening stroll along the Las Vegas Strip after a nice dinner

We love being home just as much... being out and about to see what else is going on in this crazy town. This is the lobby of Red Rock Station, one of our favorite local’s casinos

Enjoying life


Anonymous said...

Shoen, mein liebling. Sehr shoen.

Vincent Desjardins said...

It's too bad that more people aren't as passionate about the state of the world as you are. Like you, I get so angry and upset (and scared) about the state of things, that sometimes it's hard to be positive. I sign petitions, give donations and vote, but nothing ever seems to change. Maybe that's why I get so nostalgic for my childhood - a time when my parents did all of the worrying and all I had to do was read comic books and watch TV. Your advice about savoring the little moments of life is great advice, one that we all should try and do more often.

Ice John's World said...

You are absolutely right about stopping sometime to think and enjoy the most important things in life such as love and nature.

Homer said...

I've stopped reading the news too.