Monday, June 7, 2010

Class of 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the Class of 2010!

Saturday was a big day for George. He graduated to receive his Master in Education.

His brother Thomas drove from California to join us for this joyous occasion and spent the weekend at our house. And on Saturday morning the whole gang witnessed the ceremony at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Along with thousands of other spectators whom were all cheering for the accomplishments of their loved ones.

It goes on this way. No, no, that way! George's mother and brother trying to dress him up appropriately.

That's my George. I'm so proud of him.

One proud and happy family. No, the dork in the blue shirt is not part of it!

After the ceremony, we all celebrated at Strings, our favorite Italian restaurant. The rest of the day basically consisted of eating food.

Where's the food? Here we are waiting for the rest of the family to arrive at Strings.

Later that evening, George, Thomas and I spent a fun evening on the Las Vegas “Strip.” And wouldn’t you know...The eating frenzy continued! As if it was even possible to stuff ourselves with more food. But here we were, having a good time.

The brothers on the Strip.

Congratulations, George. All the studying and hard work paid off. Next item on the list of reaching high goals...the United States Secretary of Education.

Or just a nice teaching position. That would be great too.


Anonymous said...

Danke shoen, mein liebling.


Ice John's World said...

Congratulations, master George! :)

Maurice said...

Congratulations, George!

Jeff said...

Congrats George! Way to go! You are now the Master of the house! ;)

Doug Taron said...

Congrats to George.

Homer said...