Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Day in Tucson

Here are some additional photos from our Memorial Day weekend trip to Tucson, Arizona.

Leaving Las Vegas...McCarran Int.’l Airport and one of their satellite terminals, the C Gates, which serves Southwest flights exclusively. Here’s where our journey to Tuscon started.

Homer made us yummylicious home-made waffles with bananas foster topping for breakfast the next morning. Did I mention that they were yummylicious? On our first outing in and around Tucson, Homer took us to the San Xavier del Bac mission. It’s located on the Tohono O’odham San Xavier Indian Reservation, outside the city and was built between 1783 and 1797.

The inside of the mission is quite elaborately decorated with statues, moldings, paintings and frescoes.

It has a beautiful courtyard in a very serene setting.

Photo-op in front of La Misión San Xavier del Bac

Afterwards, Homer took us into downtown Tucson to see the Presidio San Augustin del Tucson, the old Fort Tucson, which dates back to the late 1770’s. He was involved in some of the archaeological digs and helped to design the current trail and exhibits.

Next on the list was lunch. Not that we weren’t already stuffed from Homer’s divine breakfast waffles, but we did finish our plates at Rosa’s Mexican Food restaurant, one of Homer’s favorite hangouts. Absolutely delicious. And yes, we still ordered some of the best flans ever for dessert. Somehow we managed to make room for that.

Homer was eyeing a cute waiter at Rosa’s. And may I add that he has a very good eye for these sort of things.

After this enormous lunch of divine deliciousness, Homer took us to the Sweetwater Wetlands. It is a water treatment facility which was turned into a park-like wildlife habitat with educational trails. A very lush and green little oasis and perfect for bird watching.

We returned to Homer’s comfy casa and took a little nap. Homer’s kitties decided to continue their day-long nap right alongside with us...

Puff loves to be scratched around the neck

...or on top of us. Joey finds George to be an extremely comfortable mattress.

Later that afternoon we drove to the 4th Avenue Promenade, which is lined with funky little stores, restaurants, coffee houses and bars. A restored vintage street car, or trolley, runs up and down this street which adds to the charm of this area.

We ended that day by driving up Sentinel Peak to enjoy a pretty view over the city of Tucson at sunset.

The view of Tucson from Sentinel Peak


Anonymous said...

Lovely, absolutely lovely. Now I'm craving some cold pizza.

Ice John's World said...

Great to know that you guys had a great visit to Homer! That church is beautiful!

Jim said...

@John - yes, we had the best time in Tucson. Homer is such a great host and quite the guide. He knows the ins and outs of his neck of the woods. That's for sure.

@Anonymous - aka my better half - I totally forgot to mention that we all had the best pizza on 4th Avenue, at the Brooklyn Pizza Company. Highly recommended. We ordered in more pizza from them the next evening. :)

Homer said...

That was a fabulous day.

Jeff said...

Woof! LOVE the pic of your and Puff! Whay, that's almost kitty porn!;)

Jim said...

@Jeff - In this case a "Woof!" is not quite appropriate. A "meow" or a "purr" is more advisable, lol.

Kitty porn? I love that one though. ;)