Friday, June 4, 2010

More of Tucson

Our second day in Tucson started with George making us all some oatmeal for breakfast. After lounging around a bit to digesting our breakfast, playing with the cats and enjoying the moment, Homer drove us to the West Section of Saguaro National Park.

George cooking oatmeal on Homer’s vitage 1950’s kitchen range

Cute little Snowball

Bunny hopped by from time to time

Those saguaros cacti are quite an impressive sight to behold. Most of them were in bloom as well, which just added to the magnificent beauty of this landscape. Before heading to a trail we stopped at the Park Ranger’s station to pay the entrance fee and to look at some exhibits. The three of us were also all goggle-eyed over some rather handsome Park Ranger. Cliché be damned...a man in uniform is hot.

Later, Homer took us on a more rugged hike, where we saw more saguaros, plenty of birds and lizards and some old Native-American petroglyphs. The weather that day proved to be more on the hot side so we were working up quite a sweat during our hike. But it was a very rewarding experience and worth every single drop.

Which ones are the saguaros?

We would return to the city in the early afternoon and have some sandwiches at Eegee’s and then buy some groceries for a pool party later that day. Homer made some yummy tortilla wraps, some filled with either a mix of refried beans and curry paste or cream cheese and red peppers. I noshed some while he was preparing the wraps and they were delicious.

A clever sign we saw in one of the stores. On the other hand, having to point out that this sign was meant as a joke also said a lot.

We then drove over to a beautifully restored Victorian-style house, where the pool party was already happening. We met more of Homer’s friends, had a few drinks, some snacks and soaked in the pool for most of the afternoon. A wonderful time was had by all.

And just when you thought we couldn’t possible eat any more food, George suggested to order in some pizza from that marvelous pizza parlor we had dinner at the evening before. So we ordered two large pizzas from the Brooklyn Pizza Company. It was so good! We can highly recommend this place. We don’t even have a great pizza place like that in Las Vegas. Or we just haven’t found it yet. Later that night we visited some of Homer’s friends in the neighborhood, had one or two more drinks, some chats and with that our second day slowly came to a close.

Our third and last day in Tucson was spent mostly at Cobban and Ray’s place, which is about a 90-minute drive from Tucson. The landscape around their beautiful home is really spectacular. Tall mountains and a prairie-like plateau with high grasses is surrounding their estate. In the near distance one can see some mountain range across the Mexican border. We had a great time with Cobban and Ray and enjoyed their conversations, their delicious fruit salad and a refreshing dip or two in their pool.

George sitting at Homer’s computer to check his e-mails. Here is where all the magic for “Homer’s World” happens. However, Puff would rather be petted.

Unfortunately, all good things eventually come to an end. So we said our good-byes to our gracious hosts Cobban and Ray and then returned back to Tucson, where Homer dropped us off at the airport for our evening flight back home to Las Vegas.

And so ended our long Memorial Day weekend in Southern Arizona. It was one of the best getaways ever. Thanks to Homer, Cobban, Ray and many of their friends we were able to forget about the troubles of world for a few moments and just simply enjoy life.

And what can be more precious than that?

Goodbye Tucson. Ready for take-off!


Jeff said...

You had me at that very phallic cactus! Adn that unattended children sign is perfect! I want one!

Ice John's World said...

Thanks for the pictures of behind the scenes of famous "Homer's World"! And all the cats! :)

Jim said...

@Homer - Thanks so much, you're too kind. I love your more spontaneous ways of capturing the moment.

@Jeff - I will never look at saguaros the same way again. Ever! LOL

@John - Stay tuned for tomorrow's special edition of "Entertainment Tonight," when we reveal the true secrets of "Homer's World." :)