Monday, July 13, 2009

...Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Either this guy was having just one grand day or he literally was happy to see...well...whomever. Only in Munich, Germany, the town I grew up in are they out and proud. And it shows!

Can you imagine to see a photo like this on the front page...or any page, for that matter...of an American publication or a news web site?

That would be a loud and clear no the absolute hell.

One would think Americans don’t know what sex is or even why genitalia is there for. Since America’s population only came into existence by virgin births or other divine interventions. No wonder this is “God’s own country.”

Unless you’re a male goodie-goodie Republican politician or a Catholic priest. Somehow they’ve figured out what to do with their “sin sticks” and put them to good use too.

Oh, those Europeans. Have they no shame? They have history, culture, real bread and coffee that actually tastes as such. They get higher education and have efficient health care, which is mostly free to all. And now this?!?! A healthy portion of good clean sex, all out and proud for everyone to see.

Do these “socialists” really believe that using common sense and having this notion that consensual sex is just a very normal and healthy part of life in general, along with a very honest and open sex education in public schools is a good thing?

Americans are so blessed not to a mindset as evil and perverted as Europeans do. It is true that America, the only true holy land, may have one of the world’s highest rate of unwanted teen pregnancies. Or that all these born again Christian politicians are so out-of-control sex-crazed that they’ll poke anything with a hole in it. But that’s okay though, because they’re all brainwashed patriotic Americans who still believe that the earth is flat and Jesus had dinosaur steaks for dinner. It’s all in the bible or something that God himself told Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. Therefore it’s all good. Besides, don’t they all have their own personal line to the big fella up there?

Good thing America has got its priority straight. That’s why it has this most precious law that is the envy of all the other lands everywhere: The right to bear arms.

That’s right, people. Most Americans can’t find their own country on a map or name the current vice-president, nor do most of them have health insurance, which again is run by corporations who decide whom gets to live and gets to bite the dust because some lil’ fucker had the audacity to develop cancer. Seriously, who needs education, health and all that other “communist” crap anyway?

Americans have guns, goddammit! Shoot first, ask later! Whoa, look at the size of this bazooka Fuckin’ cool, man! Let’s blow shit up!

You see, owning a semi-automatic riffle is all Americans need to solve problems like lack of proper health care, schooling, equal rights, poverty or hunger.

Would you like some freshly grated cheese on your Smith & Wesson and maybe some extra pepper on your side of ammunition?

- - - Sarcasm session terminated - - - Political Ranting disabled - - -

How the hell did I get into this whole ranting mode? Is it Monday? By the way, the above photo is in reference the Christopher Street Day celebration which was held in downtown Munich, Germany over the weekend. Here are links to see more photos in two Munich newspaper sites:

Please note that the articles are in German. But be forewarned! It contains further images of these...gasp...I can barely get myself to even type this...these life-loving and equality-seeking homosexuals.

Okay, my sarcasm button is now officially turned off.

George and I had another amazing weekend. And a great surprise. We met Al and his partner Steve for an early dinner at Town Square on Saturday. We’ve met them at a gay couple’s pot luck the other day and hit it right off. We were planning on seeing a movie after dinner but we ended up walking around at Town Square, talking about everything and nothing for the rest of the evening and just enjoying each other’s company. George and I hope this is the beginning a new friendship.

Yesterday morning we decided to go swimming. It certainly was a hot enough day for that. There is a gigantic, olympic-size pool over at the club house which is literally a two-minute walk away from our house. Okay, maybe three minutes. Since we’ve been so darn busy lately, it was the first time we’ve gone swimming this year. Last year we managed to go at least once a week. We thoroughly enjoyed dipping into the cool waters and taking a few laps.

However, the highlight of the day was a surprise call from our dear friends Rover and Cal. They were on their way driving back home to Los Angeles after taking care of a month-long project in Denver and decided to drop in to pay us a visit. Mike was with them too so it turned out to be one big reunion of sorts. It was great seeing them all again. We chatted endlessly and tried to catch up on everyone’s life. Then us five went out to one of the neighborhood dives to have some dinner. Except for a few people sitting at the bar, the place was empty but we soon turned it into one big laugh fest. We made the waitress’ day.

Imagine a bunch of intellectual gays, talking about politics, arts, bears in leather and sparkling gold leaves falling from the skies. I can’t even begin to describe it. One had to be there in person. Mind you, Rover, Cal and Mike are rather butch, masculine looking guys. Cal can be especially intimidating as he’s very tall and has a ruggedly handsome face with a big bushy beard. But he’s such a sweet and cuddly guy. They all are.

Now, here you have these strangely queer acting macho-kinda guys, talking about theater and pulling a V8 engine out of a muscle car, all in the same breath. We completely confused and scared the jebeezes out of all them straight folks there sitting at the bar. I certainly felt a few eyeballs fixated on us as we were leaving the bar, laughing like schoolgirls at some bohemian joke.

We’ll spend Thanksgiving again at Rover and Cal’s amazing home in California. There are definitely more good times in store for us. We can’t wait. Is it turkey day yet?

Gobble, gobble!


Jeff said...

I'm sorry, what was this post about? I had a hard time getting past that first pic! ;)

Seriously, sounds like a fun weekend you guys had! Have you ever been to Vancouver, btw? They have 2 outdoor salt-water, olympic-size swimming pools - one on either side of the bay. It's an amazing city all-round!

ElfBear said...

The only thing worse than those damn liberal homo-fabulous Europeans are we damn liberal homo-fabulous European Canadians cause we've got streets, television and newspapers full of gay hawtness flashing it's skin all over the place and rarely does anyone bat an eye, though more than one false eyelash has fluttered now and again. Aren't you boys tempted yet?