Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Social Butterflies

We have been so busy the last few days that there was no time to add anything on here. But here it goes and we try to keep it short and let the photos do most of the talking.

Last week we saw “Shear Madness” with some friends at the theater at Town Square. They added their own little Las Vegas tweaks to the storyline and the play overall was just hilarious. Unfortunately, it closed last Sunday. Las Vegas just doesn’t have as big of a theater crowd like in other cities.

On Friday evening, we attended a special Human Rights Campaign event which was hosted by the Encore Hotel & Casino. It included reduced-price tickets to see the fantastic “Le Rêve” aquatic show, created by Franco Dragone and a hosted gathering at the trendy and ever so popular “XS” nightclub. 415 attendees helped to raise over $19,000 for HRC.

Our new friends Al and Steve invited us over to their beautiful home on Saturday to spend a wonderful day with their friends Ken and Bill by the pool. We talked, laughed, swam, barbecued and watched bats drinking water from the pool as they dove down from a dusk sky.

On Sunday afternoon we drove over to the cineplex at Red Rock Station Casino to see the movie “Ice Age 3.” I had free movie tickets for it and we really enjoyed it. Although it wasn’t quite as funny as the preceding “Ice Age,” it was still very enjoyable and really clever at times. Afterwards we had an amazing Mexican dinner at “Cabo,” one of our favorite places at the Red Rock. And with that another amazing weekend came to a close.

The Sin City Q Social group help their weekly gathering at House of Blue’s “Foundation Room,” atop the Mandalay Bay hotel tower. We’ve never been there as it’s an exclusive members-only club. The dark, ancient and colonial India inspired rooms were fascinating but the view of the glittering city from the open terrace on the 43rd floor was just spectacular. Needless to say it was rather crowded.
Before we went to the Foundation Room, George and I had a lovely dinner at the Bellagio Cafe where we enjoyed a plate of wonderful Tandoori Chicken and a scrumptious Pacific Salmon Sandwich. After the gathering at the Foundation Room we wandered around the casino floor of Mandalay Bay. We also checked out the store of the musical “The Lion King,” which found a new home at this casino’s theater a few months ago after “Mamma Mia” closed after playing there for over six years.

Gee, look at us. We haven’t been going out this much all at once in...well, like in forever. Are we turning into little social butterflies in our olden age?

Below are random pictures from the last few days.

You know we had to throw some nature in. A close-up of a cicada in our backyard

One of our many vases

Inside the Bellagio Cafe

The dining area of the Bellagio Cafe

Southbound traffic on the Las Vegas “Strip”

George along the lake in front of the Bellagio

My humble self, waiting for the next performance of the Bellagio Fountains

Mon Ami Gabi, the amazing French restaurant across the street

The Bellagio Fountains in action, choreographed to the music of ol’ blue eyes, Frank Sinatra

View from the House of Blues’ “Foundation Room”

The city of lights at our feet

The other side of the Foundation Room open terrace,
facing the east wing of the Mandalay Bay tower

Outside the theater foyer of “The Lion King,” inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino


ElfBear said...

Other than the bit about seeing Ice Age which was clearly not in line with the rest of the post, I read everything else with my teeth clenched using that snooty 'I went to Harvard' accent. It all felt very chic and refined. Social butterflies indeed - lately, we've been more like houseflies LOL (not really funny, we have! Sniff!) Have a great weeekend keeping your Jones's up or keeping up with the Jones's. Hugz

Jeff said...

Wow! You dudes HAVE been busy! Sounds like a lot of fun, especially some of your meals and the views! Make hay while the sun shines! :)

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