Friday, November 13, 2009

Nice Weather, Isn’t It?

The weather forecasters predicted a cold front sweeping into the Las Vegas Valley this weekend and bringing with it apocalyptic high winds of “2012” proportions. And...gasp...rain! Now they’re saying that the weather will pretty much stay the same as it has been for the last few days...balmy 70°, sunny with some high clouds.

Have you noticed that the weather dudes and dudettes never get it right anymore? Not too long ago, the weather forecasts seemed to have been fairly accurate. I was always amazed by that. Now however, it seems that weather forecasts are merely fillers for subconscious advertising or to show off another over-the-top made up Barbie doll face.

With all the advanced computer technology and warning systems placed around the globe, one would think we should be able to pinpoint where every single rain drop will hit the ground by now. Instead, things have gotten backwards somehow.

But I think I’ve figured out what the problem is. The more modern technology progresses the more stupid the human race becomes. In return, humans are programming their stupidity back into computers and their applications.

For example, have you seen the millions of iPhone Apps that are floating around out there? An App for Starbucks? A Wal-Mart App? What is this stupid thing suppose to do? Will it do the shopping for your already way-too-lazy-ass? Is it going to forklift you to a certain shopping aisle or maybe even wiping your butt so you don’t have to waste any time to check your text messages while running over a couple of your fellow shoppers with your forklift?

Shouldn’t we be further ahead with the advancement of technology and science to make this a more livable place? Oh wait...let me rephrase that. Shouldn’t America be a little further along? Because the rest of the world has already whisked way past us at light speed. While Americans are still all goggle-eyed about what pretty things a useless iPhone App can do, other nations are reaping in the rewards on their investments in environmental technologies to make tomorrow’s world more efficient and cleaner. Or how about other countries’ achievements in the medical field to find cures to eradicate serious illnesses?

Here, a lot of Americans still believe that universal health care is some form of evil communist devil worship that wants to destroy the holier-than-thou tradition of deep-fried Twinkies. Because that‘s what wiped out Europe. Not the Twinkies but that evil health care system which seems to be working pretty well for those hoity-toity Europeans. Do they not deep-fry croissants over there?


Now on with our regular programming...

What America also still doesn’t realize is that scientific research and development in the renewable energy and medical area, as well as implementing new technologies is where the future lies...and eventually wealth and prosperity. And isn’t that what America so desperately seeks? But in this country the clueless sheep are still led by a few wolves in form of religious dimwits and greedy conglomerates, constantly screwing their flock over and over again while proclaiming it’s done for God and Country. Therefore all is well in America. And God said so too when he was personally interviewed by Rush Limbsack and Glenn Fuck on Faux News the other day.

Yesterday I said that I was happy on my Facebook page. Nothing has changed, despite my little frustrating rant above. I’m still very happy. How can I not be? I have the most loving person in my life. We have a wonderful home together. I even love America, believe it or not. It’s a great country, even though some Americans are out to destroy the few remaining good things and lay all the blame on us gays for the apocalypse.

Or are they blaming Germans again? The disaster porn flick “2012” was directed by a German director after all.

Shouldn’t Germans be happier too? Especially 20 years after that darned wall came down? Well, don’t get me started on that little chapter in history. I have my own little tale to tell from that event back in 1989. But that would take too long and turn into another rant.

Besides, I am happy. Remember?

What was this entry about again? I forget. Who cares? It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. So don’t worry and be happy.

Have a great weekend, ya’ll. Only two more years until the end of the world.

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