Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Week...

And so another week comes slowly to a close. Once again, it has been a very busy one and didn’t leave much room for anything else but work. But next week will be a short one, due to the long Thanksgiving weekend. Come early Thursday morning, George and I will be hitting the road again and drive to Los Angeles to visit our friends Rover and Cal. We can’t wait.

Here are a few random pictures, taken over the last few weeks.

The Bellagio marquee with the new Cosmopolitan Tower in the background. The Cirque de Soleil show “O,” which is a permanent show at the Bellagio is the most amazing of all the Cirque productions on the Strip.

Here is another photo of Homer when he was visiting us back in October.

Rough ride...or just having fun with the camera.
Experimenting with light and shadow. I love high contrast photography.

The fall harvest display at the Palazzo Shops on the Strip.

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R said...

I do prefer the B/W the best! There is something to be said about a self-portrait! Couldn't be any more intimate could it? :-)

Enjoy your Sunday Jim [and George!]!