Monday, November 30, 2009


Another Thanksgiving holiday come and gone. Another amazing long weekend spent in California. Our friends Rover and Cal were once again the most gracious hosts.

Over 20 invited guests brought tons of food to the turkey potluck dinner. Lots of fun was had by everyone. The few that stayed overnight were treated to even more food the next morning. Rover cooked up another delectable breakfast and the good times continued.

The weather in L.A. was absolutely gorgeous. Picture perfect, exactly how one expects Southern California to be. Sunny, clear skies, gently breezes.

Black Friday was not spent in a mall but rather at the LACMA on Wilshire Boulevard. We haven’t seen the newly added Broad Contemporary Art Museum yet and it was a great afternoon to explore their extraordinary exhibition. Afterwards we had a nice meal at Jan’s, an all-American coffee shop and something that has all but vanished from the Las Vegas streetscape.

That evening we also saw the touring Broadway production of “Mary Poppins” at the Ahmanson Theatre at the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles. Even though they were taking some liberties with the story, it was an exciting musical and the performances were just glorious.

Since George and I were still suffering a bit from backaches we opted out on spending the day riding insane roller coasters at Magic Mountain. Instead we headed down to Anaheim and enjoyed the early holiday spirit in Downtown Disney. The place was packed and everybody seemed to be very cheerful. Of course, the day went by far too quickly and after the sun has set it was time drive back home to Las Vegas.

Our next trip is just a few weeks away. This time however, it’ll involve different means of transportation and most likely a winter jacket. We’ll see. Nevertheless...we can’t wait.

Below are first impression from our long Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles.

Eventually, we always end up driving on the Hollywood Freeway

Chatting with Cal while Rover “slaved” away in the kitchen

A leaf insect decided to join us while sitting outside in the garden of Rover and Cal’s place

Strolling around the Disneyland Resort, here in front of the California Adventure theme park

Outside the LACMA on Wilshire Boulevard


Jeff said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend! And I hope both your backs are now completely healed. You must be getting very excited about Germany!

Homer said...

I am glad you guys had a nice time in LA!