Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Another Weekend...

Another weekend came and went far too quickly. George and I enjoyed it nonetheless. Especially now with the desert heat finally bowing out, where we can enjoy being outdoors that much more.

On Saturday afternoon, we had George’s mother and sister over at our home for a nice visit. In the evening we checked out the celebration of the “early” National Coming Out Day event, which was held at the large parking lot in front of the Las Vegas Gay and Lesbian Community Center with lots of music, dance and food.

The Tattoo Expo ‘09 took place at the convention center of Mandalay Bay over the weekend as well. Since locals got in for free we took advantage of this great offer. A very large and quite diverse group of people were mingling with fellow tattoo admirers to check out the latest on designs, techniques and applications. Artist and representatives of tattoo parlors from all around the world attended. A group of Samoan tattoo artists displayed very skillfully their traditional ways of applying tattoos the old-fashioned way without the help of any modern devices.

After the tattoo expo George and I wandered about the southern part of the famed “Strip.” We discovered a couple of new things, like the second Hard Rock Cafe which is being touted as an all interactive experience. The massive City Center is coming along nicely and getting ready for its opening in December of this year. Before heading back home we enjoyed delicious gelato at the Bellagio.

In the meantime we’re back in the rat race again. Here’s our little gallery of photos that we’ve taken over the weekend.

Real Russian chocolate, surprisingly divine

Samoan tatoo artists at the Tattoo Expo

Mandalay Bay Resort detail

The Luxor pyramid peeks out behind the lush entryway to the Mandalay Bay

The Manhattan Express rollercoaster speeds through and around the New York New York Hotel & Casino on the Strip

MGM Grand detail

The second Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas opened on the Strip recently


The Aria, part of the new City Center

Detail of the City Center

More detail of the City Center

Bellagio reflections

George loves the gelato and fancy pastries offered at the Bellagio

Bellagio detail

My humble self. How about a smile?

Tropicana Intersection

The Strip, looking northbound

The new Mandarin Oriental


Anonymous said...

Shoen, mein liebling.

Jeff said...

Russians love their chocolate! This is Spartak brand (the writing on the top in red - I'm not sure what the large print on the bottom reads, Dairy something, perhaps...)

And I haven't had gelato in over a year, not since Italy last year :(