Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brains for Halloween

I think this is a great treat for kids. Instead of giving out candies...and eventually the little trick or treaters this or any Halloween, how about giving them food for brains? There must be one or ten old children’s books floating around in your home that hasn’t been touched in years. Why not put them to good use again? I’m sure there are plenty of children out there who would appreciate a good read more than a visit to the dentist.

Check out this link:

Besides, it’s not like this country couldn’t use a few more brainy kids anyway. Gotta start somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Really funny and sad but true comic strip...

ElfBear said...

While I certainly applaud the idea, considering the neighbourhood I live in (you're welcome to stay with us anytime, really!), I have visions of the house being pelted with the books we have handed out while children chant We Want Chocolate, Betch! Talk about scary! (But really, we have a lovely guestroom!)