Monday, October 26, 2009


We were invited to a big Halloween party on Saturday evening. It has been years for George and literally eons for me since we’ve both donned any kind of costume.

George decided to be a cool vampire. He got the cool look down but the fangs just wouldn’t bloody cooperate. He finally gave up on the biters. I told him to play some outcast vampire who has been stripped of his fangs for punishment of unspeakable crimes in the underworld realm.

Or something like that. I’m sure there’s a movie or a television series with stories like that out there.

Oh wait...aren’t we devout fans of “True Blood?” Well, duh!

I wanted to be “Whatever.” You know, throwing things on that doesn’t match and completely makes no sense whatsoever. A pair of fatigues, a flimsy blouse-looking thing, a monstrous over-the-top-gay feather boa, some shiny things there, a few sprinkles of glitter there.

And voilà...Whatever!

Our friends Al and Steve hosted one amazing Halloween party at their beautiful home. Well, their beautiful home was temporarily turned into some ghoulish place, somewhat resembling Disneyland’s “The Haunted Mansion.” Absolutely chilling. However, all the guest were in cheerful spirits and brought tons of food for the potluck.

And on this spooky note...Happy Haunts.

Getting ready.

Ready to strike and Strike a pose.

Count Cool.
Jim with the most gracious host Steve in front of the “Haunted Mansion.”


Homer said...

I am very, very scared.

R Shing-Lai said...

Oh, I love it! You two are a riot! I haven't dressed up in years myself, and I don't think anytime soon. Love your outfit, it's crazy and wild for sure. You look great in hot fushia! :-)

Thanks for sharing your photos. Will there be another dress up this coming weekend? BTW, I tried adding your blog to Google Reader but it doesn't recognize it?! Do you know why that is?!

Jim said...

you should be very, VERY scared!!! We know where you live now. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!

thank you so much for your compliments. I do look great in fushia, don't I? We may shock the world again on Halloween. A friend is hosting a party and then there's a street block party in Las Vegas' fruit loop area. Sorry about Google Reader not recognizing my blog. I don't know what the problem might be. Maybe your computer is jealous? ;)

ElfBear said... look just like a rodeo clown / Desert Storm camp whore and George looks like he's waiting (wanting) to be dragged off into the dark and have devious things done to his person. Is it OK that I feel giggly/horny all at the same time? Hugz from the two of us.

Jim said...

Then we obviously hit the nail right on the head. (Pun definetley intended!)

Jeff said...

You look fabulous, dahlinks, simply fabulous!

Jim said...

Thank you so much :) And have fun in Montreal.

But seriously, folks. Y'all just giving us a really big head, LOL.