Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homer’s Trip to the Strip

Here are the last few photos from Homer’s little getaway to “Sin City.” George and I took him to the “Strip” last Sunday to play tourists and do some people watching. He even won $10 on one of the slot machines at the Mirage.

Homer was flying back home to Tucson again first thing Monday morning to get ready for a new archaeological dig there.

All in all, it was one heck of a fun weekend and we were thrilled to have Homer as our guest.

Homer really enjoyed all the things which are “bad for you,” like ice cream, chips or M&M’s.

George in our kitchen.

Homer is also an avid reader.

Homer in Paris...Paris Las Vegas, that is.

At Bellagio’s version of Lago di Como.

He was impressed by the Bellagio Fountains.

Back in Paris again...with the half-size replica of the Tour d’Eiffel in the background.

Jim and Homer in front of Caesars Palace.

George and Homer under the Chihuli glass ceiling sculpture inside the Bellagio.


Anonymous said...

Why is Homer so fucking cute!!!??? Why, why, why???

And he enjoyed us, to...are we bad for him, too. :)


R Shing-Lai said...

So great to see you all in photos!! Ice cream, chips and M&M's... Were they all in that one single bowl? No? They should be! :-)

Anonymous said...


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