Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Memorable Fourth

Today would have been my mother’s birthday. I think of her often and I can truly say that she was my best friend. She would have loved George. I’m really sorry that she never got to know him.

George and I are back in the usual swing of things after spending another amazing weekend in Los Angeles. Now that’s how a long 4th of July weekend is spent! With the love of your life next to your side, the most gorgeous weather, visiting with a friend, eating lots of scrumptious food, enjoying the beach, seeing live theater and celebrating Independence Day at one of the most American places there is...Disneyland.

Below are photos from our first day in La-La-Land. More pictures to follow...

Redondo Beach, CA

Most of the lifeguard towers between Manhattan and Redondo Beach were artfully painted in bright colors. Plans are to paint all of them for the 30 miles of coast along Los Angeles. They’re supposed to be done in September

Robert and George at Redondo Beach

My dorky self and Robert, enjoying a nice walk along the Strand of Redondo Beach after a hearty breakfast. June gloom or the Coastal Eddy lasts well into July this year. This typical Southern California weather phenomenon is basically a huge fog bank that lingers along most of the coast and is usually burned off by the sun around 10 or 11 in the morning

See? No more June Gloom. The sun was out for the rest of the day to make this another perfect by the sea. This is the Manhattan Beach Pier

The Pacific was beautiful and the weather couldn't have been more perfect

One of many beautiful old lamp posts along the Manhattan Beach Pier

Later that afternoon we drove to Hollywood to spend some time there before we would go to the theater. Here on Highland Avenue, close to the Hollywood Bowl, is an old apartment building which hides the fire escape stairs in a more elaborate way

The neon marquee of Disney's Soda Fountain & Studio Store on Hollywood Boulevard, next to the beautiful El Capitan theatre, which is one of the remaining movie palaces of a bygone era

Hollywood and Highland

Intricate details of one of many entryways into the El Capitan building, built in 1928

A stack of records. The old Capitol Records tower on Vine Street and label to artists such as the Beatles, Beach Boys, Garth Brooks, Duran Duran, Everclear, Foo Fighters, Judy Garland, Heart...just to name a few

Old neon signage can still be seen all over Hollywood

The marquee of the Pantages on Hollywood Blvd., promoting the musicalIn the Heights.” This Tony Award winning production tells of the daily life in the Latino community of New York’s Washington Heights. We were lucky to see Lin-Manuel Miranda reprising his starring role, who not only wrote the story and music but also was the lead in the original conception on Broadway. This musical has an upbeat mix of Latin music, rap, hip hop and ballads. Yes, it's very interesting and quite catchy. We absolutely loved it! And a funny coincidence...part of the story plays out on the 4th of July. One of the characters is telling others to “show some spirit,” chastizing them for displaying flags from their home countries on their balconies rather than Old Glory. I thought that was pretty ironic considering what is currently happening in this country regarding the immigration reform

The foyer inside the Pantages. This art deco-style theater first opened in June 1930 and later fell into despair. The Walt Disney Company bought the theater in the early 1990s and renovated the place to bring back its original splendor, making it the West Coast home for “The Lion King.” Since then we’ve seen many plays and musicals in this spectacular theater


Anonymous said...

Mein liebling!!!! Ich lieb Dich auch, mein alles.


Ice John's World said...

Wow! The sky and ocean in your pictures were just so blue! glad to know that you guys had a great time there!