Monday, July 19, 2010

Aerial New York

These are really amazing aerial shots of one of the arguably most exciting cities in the world...New York. Click on the link at the bottom of this entry to see more of these spectacular images.

Looking at some of the pictures really makes me want to go back to the Big Apple. I love New York. I miss New York. I’ve been to New York City so many times that I lost count. For me New York is unquestionably the best any city has to offer. A very close second on my list of favorite cities is London, which became something of a second home besides Munich while I was still living in Germany.

Yes, Munich is beautiful. It’s all pretty, has charm, history and culture. It is also very bland and rather boring at times. There are only so many old baroque churches to look at. And sitting in a beer garden for hours at a time, a favorite local’s pasttime, was never my thing.

I need my cities with a bit more grit. The constant hustle and bustle which many Europeans find nerve-wracking. New York always gave me that buzz which I find exhilarating. It can be a bit stressful at times and the city can definitely wear you out. But I don’t mind that. It’s a challenge.

If we had the means George and I would move there in a second. But it’s one costly city. Munich was not cheap either, mind you. But which city is reasonable anymore these days? Even Las Vegas has become quite exclusive in many aspects. The days of 99¢ breakfast buffets are certainly long gone.

That’s alright though. George makes far better breakfast at home than any of these fancy Las Vegas buffets or celebrity chef restaurants combined. Including all these hoity toity eateries in Manhattan.

Check out the aerial photos of New York City here at the Denver Post:

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Jeff said...

I definitely hear you re NYC! Brad and I love the City. Hopefully, we'll be able to make an annual trip there from now on. We should meet there sometime - it would be a blast!