Friday, July 23, 2010

Hotter Than July

Not a whole lot has been going on in our lives this week. Let’s, studying, working out, sleeping, work, studying, too-tired-to-work-out, sleeping, work... I think you get the picture. We truly live sinfully exciting lives in this City of Sin.

Then again, it’s a bit of drag be to sinful right now, especially during the month of July. A July in Las Vegas basically means that it is hot and sunny. Or sunny and hot. Take your pick. Actually, make that sunny and hotter than hell. At one point this week the temperature rose slightly above the 120˚F mark. Now that is hot! And that was not even the hottest day I’ve experienced in the almost 20 years I’ve been living in this town.

But it was hot enough for me. The last few summers George and I were pondering with the idea to look for greener and much cooler pastures. Then we took the trip to Germany last December and I was instantly reminded why I absolutely hate Winters. I take hot, dry desert summers anytime over bitter cold winters. But a nice little balance in-between would be nice though. We would love to live in the bay area but the economy in California is currently anything but favorable. And it’s not necessarily the cheapest spot in the block to live in. George and I do love Seattle, even though its weather is a bit more on the damp side. We hear Vancouver in Canada has nice, moderate weather all year long. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Still, the heat usually doesn’t deter us from going out to jog in the park or stroll down the Strip. However, last weekend is so damn hot that we didn’t even set one foot outside our house. That almost never happens, since we’re always out and about doing stuff. Luckily, this weekend is suppose to be “cooling” off a bit. The temps may just hover around the 100˚F mark. Which, after almost two weeks of being broiled like steaks on a grill, will almost feel like a breath of fresh air.

I hope I won’t need a jacket.

Below are random photos, taken sometime before Las Vegas was somehow mysteriously transplanted onto the surface of the sun.

George sitting out in our patio, enjoying the morning sun.

In our kitchen. Obviously...duh!

The moving video screens under the “Cloud” of the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. The luxurious Encore Resort and Casino, a sister property of the Wynn Resort, is seen in the background

Clouds are reflected in windows of the Wynn

The caribbean village of the Treasure Island on the Strip with the Trump International tower peeking from behind

The marquee of the Treasure Island, or TI as it’s called now, once donned a gigantic pirate’s skull with cross bones. Now the marquee has been updated with huge video screens and color-changing letters.


Maurice said...

While Vancouver is a beautiful city, I don't think you'd like it weather wise. I remember a bumper sticker once that read, "Vancouver Rain Festival, 31 July to 30 July." And it's not like Vancouver is immune from snowfalls.

That said, 120F, even if it's dry, would be WAY TOO HOT for me! I'm not sure where to suggest that would be more temperate yet be economically viable...

Ice John's World said...

Wow! 120'F! We are even complaining about heat wave when it is 80'F here in Wisconsin!

Jeff said...

Phew! That IS hot - almost as hot as Saudi Arabia, where my sis is at present! We've had a very hot (mid-90s F) and HUMID summer so far, but the last week or so hasn't been so bad - low 80s F and not so humid.

As Maurice says, Vancouver does indeed get a lot of rain, but it is an absolutely beautiful city with the Mountains in the distance and the ocean at your doorstep. Lots of trails and swimming pools. Have you guys ever been? I'd definitely recommend a visit if not.

Have a great weekend!