Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shock the Monkey

New Blood. Orchestra. No Drums. No Guitars.

That’s what George and I will be seeing tomorrow evening.

In the City of Angels, surrounded by the dream factories, under the stars.

It will be amazing.

“You can blow out a candle.
But you can't blow out a fire.
Once the flames begin to catch.
The wind will blow it higher.”


R. said...

Yup. That's the only song, Shock the Monkey, I know of his. Tragic, eh?

Say, so what did you guys do Saturday night? :-)

Jim said...

We spent it with you and Alec. Remember? LOL Seriously, we tired ourselves out being at the beach all day long that we went straight back to the hotel after we saw you guys. But what a fun day it was. :)