Friday, May 21, 2010

It's A Zoo Out There

Another week has passed and we have really nothing new to report. Work has been once again out-of-control and George was busy with his studying on top of that. I suppose we will be enjoying a nice quiet weekend and try to recover from a busy work week.

Or try to re-energize for this coming work week which promises to be another out-of-control one. But next weekend will be a long one, due to Memorial Day.

Finally, our last official holiday was New Year’s Day, for crying out loud.

George and I will be flying off to spend that weekend in Tucson, Arizona. To visit everyone’s favorite archaeologist, to be exact. We’ll be staying at Homer’s casa and also get to meet all the infamous kitties. And apparently now there’s also an infamous bunny.

It’s like a zoo out there!

Here are some random photos, taken on the Las Vegas “Strip” a few weekends ago.

The Miracle Mile shopping mall inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

George in front of the huge facade of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas “Strip”

Looking southwards along the Las Vegas “Strip,” with parts of the new City Center, New York-New York and the Mandalay Bay towers visible


Jeff said...

This is our long weekend (Victoria Day) and it's supposed to be a great one weather-wise. Hope you guys have a great trip visiting Homer next weekend!


Ice John's World said...

At least, you have all the nice weather and blue sky!