Monday, May 3, 2010

Chicken, Horses, Lanterns...and a Cuban

Chicken, horses, lanterns and a Cuban...that’s basically what our first weekend of May entailed. On Saturday George and I were at his mom’s place where she grilled marinated curry chicken to perfection. While we waited for the chicken to be done we were sitting outside in her backyard just chatting away and enjoying the sun, the gentle breezes and a real Cuban cigar. Later, we would follow the Kentucky Derby horse racing on TV and further stuffing ourselves with delicious ice cream.

Grilling the marinated curry chicken breasts

The portions were huge

Enjoying the sun, gentle breezes and good conversation

On Sunday morning, George had to meet some of his class mates to discuss an upcoming school project. In the meantime I had a nice chat over the phone with one of my friends in Germany. When George got home after his meeting we treated ourselves to curry chicken leftovers from the previous day. We were debating if we should hang up the colorful outdoor lanterns amid the strong desert winds that were howling through the valley for most of Sunday. For the sake of checking another chore off the list, we hung up the string of lights and attached the lanterns. It took us a bit longer than anticipated but the payoff is a festive looking patio. We love it.

Another weekend well spent. Next weekend we’ll be in be Southern California.

What can I say? Life is good.

Our lanterns are all lined up on the floor, waiting to be hung

Our own backyard is filled with flowers and blossoms

More flowers

Ta-dah! The lanterns are up. When is the next party?
One of countless snail vine blossoms


Anonymous said...

Shoen, mein liebling!!!! Shoen!!!

Ice John's World said...

Nice flowers and laterns! Nice backyard!

R. said...

A beautiful day indeed!! Now I want some chicken! :-O

Homer said...