Monday, April 26, 2010

Homer’s Weekend in Vegas

Homer was in town over the weekend to visit his friend Erich. George and I met Homer, Erich and Erich's roommate David for dinner at the Venetian on Saturday evening. It was great seeing Homer again and meeting his friends. I just loved George’s comment when we all sat down for dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe: “Look at this table full of fur.”

Indeed, it was quite something to behold.

Homer was trying his luck on one of these Indiana Jones-themed slot machines. Despite hearing a hat that looked like the one Indy's dad was wearing in the movies, Homer walked away rather empty handed.

Afterwards we strolled along a very bustling “Strip” and ended up having gelato at the Bellagio, where we were also taking in the dancing water fountains and the Spring flower display at their garden conservatory. What a fun evening it was.

Yesterday, Homer spent most of the day with us at our house as Erich had to work. It was another fun day that involved more food. We made breakfast with scrambled eggs and bagels and went out for pizza around lunchtime. And sometime in the afternoon we all enjoyed huge bowls of butter pecan ice cream. Homer having ice cream at our place seems to be turning into some kind of tradition. We haven’t eaten so much at once on a weekend in a very long time.

I luvs me some Homie.

While we waited for the pizza, Homer was contemplating which photos to use on his blog.

Homer enjoys ice cream.

Homer is now on his way back to Tucson. George and I hope to see him again down in Tucson over Memorial Day weekend.

More fun times ahead...and more food.

I’m almost sure of it.


Anonymous said...

Mein liebling, ich bin hungrig. How about Planet Dalies for abendessen. : )


Doug Taron said...

The picture of you and Homer overloaded my cute-o-meter.

Jim said...

@Doug - awww, thanks so much. I love this pic. But seriously, who can resist a big hug from Homer :)

Ice John's World said...

Come from Homer's blog. First time comment here. It seems that you guys had fun to host Homer! I think AZ state is more sinful than your city now.

Jim said...

@Ice John - Thanks for dropping in and welcome :) We had a great time with Homer. And I think you're right regarding that sinful police state of Arizona, lol. But seriously, what the heck is going on there? I'm sure Homer is still fuming as we speak.

Jeff said...

Sound like all you furry dudes had a real blast! :)