Monday, April 12, 2010

An April Morning Walk

Yesterday morning, George and I went on our usual walking/jogging route through nearby Pueblo Park in Summerlin. The weather was gorgeous. It has started to warm up nicely but yesterday’s gentle breezes left just a wee of a chill in the air. It was partly cloudy too and it helped to shield us from the sun. We both still got plenty of color though. It won’t be long before I have to slather nasty sunscreen lotion all over me before I leave the house. The harsh desert sun is not very kind to my skin.

A wetter than usual winter brought an abundance of blooming brushes and trees and is covering the desert floor with fresh wild grass and colorful flowers.

We took a few pictures yesterday but those don’t even scratch the surface to show all of the beauty around us. Just an ever so small glimpse.

Dropping off a letter at our post office on the way to the park

George in Pueblo Park with the Spring Mountain Range in the background

The park and the city is covered with these

The ocotillos to my left and right are about to bloom, showing off bright red blossoms

Flowers are found all over the place

Most of the desert yucca plants are carrying a heavy load of blossoms

This yucca had a visitor...a little ladybug

More flowers galore, growing out of the most unusual places

Most of the thorns of this tree branch are roughly two to three inches long and are quite piercing.


Anonymous said...

and there's a butterblume in between the ocotillos.

Anonymous said...

I saw the butterblume again...

Homer said...

There are lots of flowers here too!

R. said...

How far do you two usually walk/jog? I'm not a jogger but we do walks about 3-4 times a week. Most just around our neighborhood tho. Kinda boring. :-/