Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I had yet another visit to the dentist yesterday morning.

Will this ever end?

Why yes, it already has. I finally got my bridge in place.

And may I say that I do look fabulous with my brand new Hollywood smile.

It took long enough too. With all the torture I had to go through along the way. Not to mention the money we had to spend on all this fun. Well, it had to be done and now it’s just another chapter in my life that came to a close.


On a brighter side, George and I spent another wonderful and quiet weekend. We were still enjoying the cooler than usual weather here and tried to make the most of it.

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District is honoring this year’s Gay Pride Month by presenting a variety of free events. On Friday evening they were to show a live performance of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” on the theater stage of the city’s largest library building. Unfortunately it was cancelled for unknown reasons. However, the next day’s performance of “Frank Marino and Friends” made up for it. His drag show “La Cage” ran at the Riviera Hotel & Casino for 24 years before it suddenly closed it’s doors last February. I never had a chance to see the show when it was still running on the “Strip” and was glad that he brought it back to Las Vegas for one more amazing and hilarious performance.

The theater was packed. Some people even had to stand in the back behind the last row. We spotted very few gay guys and some lesbians whom were sitting together in small groups. There was one nervous looking kid sitting a few seats down our row, who probably was still in the closet. But the majority of the people comprised of straight older, seemingly retired women. Since this event was part of the Gay Pride Month celebration, George and I were once again a little perplexed why there weren’t more of the LGBT community present.

Where . . . are . . . the . . . gays?

Where are you guys? I know you're out there somewhere

Seriously? Do they only show up to support any gay cause if there’s a beer bust or dance party involved in this town?

After the show we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on the Las Vegas “Strip.” We’re starting to become what Germans call “Stammgäste,” or regulars at the Planet Dailies inside Planet Hollywood Resort. The waiters and waitresses are beginning to recognize us now. And we are appreciating them as well, especially José and Jason.

Bobby Cannavale

José is a younger version of Bobby Cannavale but with tightly cropped hair. What an eye candy he is. I caught myself literally being on the lookout for him. One time I ordered “Dos Manos,” which is one giant and scrumptious burrito with all the Mexican trimmings. That particular evening it was handsome José who was serving our food. He was so polite and courteous. And all I could think about was what else he may be able to do with his dos manos. I’m so naughty. Our hopes were crushed a bit however when we found out that he was quite the lady’s man. Nevertheless...one can look, admire and dream.

Then there is cute Jason. He seemed kind of shy when we tried to engage him in harmless small talk. Since George and I tend to be into mature bulkier looking guys, we were a little caught by surprised to find us being quite fond of young Jason. There’s a certain naivety about him, such innocence, which is rather refreshing nowadays. One just wants to put him under one’s wing to guard him. And cuddle him all day. We haven’t yet figured out for which team he’s playing though. No matter, he’s just so adorable.

Below are random pictures from our trip to the “Strip” on Saturday.

The Miracle Mile Shopping Mall (formerly Desert Passage) at the Planet Hollywood Resort

Outside MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

raffic on the South “Strip” early Saturday evening

MGM Grand’s marquee

The Signature Towers are reflecting another amazing Southwestern sunset

The Ballys monorail station with the Wynn and Encore in the background

Limo on Audrie Lane

Looking eastward to the Sunrise Mountains

Another monorail whisks by

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Jeff said...

Congrats on the end of the dental work! Must be a relief.

Too bad Hedwig didn't go as scheduled. I loved the film!

There's one restaurant in our town that has a bevy of hot young waiters. We must try to get there more often :)

And lots of good pics, as usual, particularly the Sunrise Mountains!