Monday, June 8, 2009


What a perfect weekend this was.

George and I did absolutely nothing.

Okay, we did a little somethin’ somethin.’ And a few other things like thanking the universe for having each other, cooking amazing meals and enjoying “cooler,” cloudy days.

Yes, we actually enjoy clouds. Because we rarely have them here in the desert. For a brief moment it looked as if it was also going to rain. The smell of rain in the air was so intense. And there may have been two or three tiny drops here and there but that was about it. Of course. Nature can be such a tease.

Yes, that right. We like rain too.

While people in other parts of the country complain of constant gloomy and rainy days, especially when rain can threaten to ruin precious weekend plans, we here in the Mojave Desert hope and pray for just a little bit of precipitation every now and then. Every time we spot a cloud in the sky it’s like some divine miracle has just descended upon us.

You know, like seeing the image of Jesus’ face on a burnt slice of toast.

Even the temperature dropped considerably. It can already hover in the lower 100° F in early June. What am I saying? We already had our first wave of 100° F days in May.

So this little deprive of hellish temperatures into the lower 80s was a truly welcomed change. You see, for us desert dwellers 80 degrees feels almost cold and the nightly lows in the lower 70s is downright wintery to us. At night we needed to cover ourselves with an additional blanket again which we‘ve already stored away.

Likewise, this “cold spell” was such a relief on everybody’s wallet. There was no need for turning on any air conditioning units. We ripped open every window in the house and let the cool breezes fill up every nook and cranny with fresh air.

Ah, so this is how normal people live?!

The few chore-related things we did over the weekend were cooking, watering the plants in our backyard and lifting our arms to point the remote control at the TV to either change channels or to press the play button to watch a recorded film on the DVR. We were planning on going to the movies to see Sam Raimi’s new horror flick “Drag Me To Hell,” but ended up walking in the park instead.

Yeah, we’re real bad asses. That’s what we are.

On Saturday morning, George made this amazing light and fluffy omelette, filled with fresh vegetables and provolone and cheddar cheeses. Add two slices of sage breakfast sausage and some hash browns, along with freshly brewed Peet’s coffee and we were both in breakfast heaven.

And yesterday evening we enjoyed our masala chicken, which we’ve prepared with a medley of multi-colored potatoes, asparagus and okra. It was absolutely delicious. Just thinking about it makes me all hungry again.

Somewhere in-between we also stuffed ourselves with bowls of french vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate syrup and slices of cheesecake, topped with whipped cream and pecans.

Potato Medley: A mix of yellow, red and blue organic potatoes

Meisterkoch George is sautéeing onions in sesame oil

Chicken Masala on its way to perfection

Guten Appetit! I had to nosh a little masala before dinner...
you know, to make sure it was done right

Did I mention that we had the perfect weekend? Good food, pleasant weather and the love of your life right next to you. What else could one possibly ask for?


I rest my case.


Jeff said...

Ahhh.. Sounds perfect indeed! And the Masala is making my mouth water! And George looks pretty darn sexy prying up those onions in his boxers! :)

Jeff said...

prying = frying above... Sheesh!

ElfBear said...

It's nice to hear that you take the time to take the time, if you get my meaning. And nicer still that you appreciate it. THe weather here is rainy-dull this morning, in our case, we seek reprieve with a little sun and are grateful when it arrives and stays a little. Hab ein schöne woche!

Anonymous said...

Jeff you wicked man :P

smoochies and huggies.