Thursday, April 9, 2009

This and that

Here again some snippets from our home and backyard. I took these photos sometime last week.

The first rays of sun in the early morning hours are starting to stream through the window in the family room.

Our outdoor patio lanterns are illuminated by the early morning sunshine.

George’s mother bought this Matryoshka looking doll of a Nubian woman on her travels through Africa last year. It’s placed on top of our refrigerator and the sunlight was casting these interesting shadows.

A little souvenir we brought home from our trip to Walt Disney World last fall. We loved the barely visible pattern of varnished Mickey Mouse profiles. Talking about “Hidden Mickey’s” galore! I’m such a Disney geek.

The three close-up pictures above show blossoms on the apple tree in our backyard. Many years ago I was sitting in the backyard and eating an apple. After I had finished eating the apple I flicked a few apple seeds all over the ground. Just for the heck of it, thinking nothing will grow anyway.

Well, one of seeds actually turned into an apple tree. And now, a few years later, it’s as tall as our house and we’ve had a great harvest of apples every fall. This still surprises me to this day, as the harsh desert climate and the arid soil are less than ideal to grow anything except joshuas, ocotillas, sage brush and the like. And yet we once had a large patch of huge and tasty watermelons (again, as simple as flicking some seeds), strawberries and tall sunflowers.

These types of fruits or crops normally don’t grow in this kind of dry desert climate but it just proofs to show what Mother Nature is capable of.

And we humans are doing our darndest to mess this mother up. Some “intelligent design” we are!

But that’s an entirely different story altogether which I’d better not get into now. Otherwise this entry could turn into one ugly rant, with me being one of those darn “treehuggers” and a non-believing “sinner.”

Isn’t our “Mother” beautiful? We do live in a gay world.

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Jeff said...

Great photos, as usual :) Amazing about the apple tree!

And it's a gay old world indeed! It always boggles my mind that so-called Christians can see, plain as the nose on their faces, the diversity on this planet and yet believe in a god that lives in 2 dimensions. Go figure.

Happy Easter, bellos!