Monday, April 20, 2009

AIDS Walk Las Vegas 2009

The Aid for AIDS Nevada (AFAN) held its annual AIDS Walk event yesterday. For 19 years this organization has not only helped raising awareness of the disease and helping men, women and children affected by HIV and AIDS, but has also helped raising money to continue helping those in need of care.

George and I met our friend Margaret at the starting point of the walk to register and take in the festivities surrounding this event. It was the most gorgeous morning with lots of sunshine, blue skies and a gentle breeze. In other words...the perfect condition.

It was a huge gathering of people. There was plenty of free food, beverages and entertainment. The comedian/magician duo Penn & Teller kicked off the walk and off we all went. Hundreds and hundreds of people, if not thousands, coming together for a good cause. Families with children, friends, many had their dogs with them.

Along the route through parts of downtown Las Vegas, bands were playing a variety of music. Rock, country, even some Taiko drummers showed up. The Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence also showed their support. Of course. They are one of the most active volunteers and fundraisers.

All in all, it was another perfectly spent Sunday. Fun was to be had by everyone.

And not one single religious nutcase in sight, always wanting to condemn us “sinners” to the eternal flames of hell. But I’m sure they’re all going to be around when the gay community celebrates Gay Pride in just a few weeks.

And it’s already so hard for these religious folk to choose whom to save...uh...pick on first. This being “Sin City” and all.

The AIDS Walk started at the World Market Center in downtown Las Vegas

The World Market Center features the most unusual architecture

The Bonneville Avenue underpass

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Here are some of the “Sisters,” posing with the walkers

George and Margaret

George and my humble self

The “Duke,” the mascot of the local baseball team...I think

One of the many rest stops for the many dogs, providing water to drink and play in and providing a chance to sniff each other out

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Jeff said...

Looks like a great day for a stroll in support of a good cause!

We are going to Boston this coming weekend and the weather there is supposed to be great, too. 26 and 27 C!! WooHoo!