Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

George and I had a wonderful long Easter weekend. We both took Good Friday off for running errands, getting the car serviced, making a heavenly quiche and a sinfully delicious devil's food cake. On Saturday we just dabbled around the house. George's mother invited us and his sister, along with one of her new neighbors, to spent Easter Sunday at her place. We colored eggs, had yummy sandwiches and other munchies and just enjoyed this amazing spring weather we're having in the desert right now.

Afterwards George and I strolled through our neighborhood park, the Pueblo Park in Summerlin, to take in the last rays of sun before it was setting behind the Spring Mountain Range.

Of course, pleasures like these had to come to an end eventually. So here we are again, back in the rat race. Oh, and me having to visit the dentist office for root canals and new crowns.

Oh joy!

Anyway, below are random photos from our Easter weekend.

The most amazing quiche...ever!
Above: early morning sunshine in the kitchen. The next three photos show flowers in our backyard and the glass hummingbird feeder.
Just driving around town. These two pictures below were taken while on the freeway close to the “Spaghetti Bowl” near downtown Las Vegas.
The photos below show George relaxing in the garden of his mother’s garden and her little chihuahua lady, Lucy.
The photos below were taken during our afternoon stroll through Pueblo Park. Everything is blooming and sprouting, including all these drought tolerant plants. It’s amazing how green and colorful the desert can get amid this arid climate.

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Jeff said...

Sounds like my two favourite handsome guys in the desert had a great long weekend! The pics are spectacular - and that quiche! Oh my... Looks incredible!

So nice to see the flowers and greenery. Here, stubborn patches of snow linger in our back yard and around town. No leaves, barely buds, and the grass is still mostly brown from its long winter's sleep. Some tulips have popped up (the green parts anyway) and our rhubarb is now daring to poke its head above ground, too... Give us another month and we'll be almost caught up!