Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're Back!

Yup, we’re back from our little trip to Florida. How time flies when you’re having fun. This was definitely one of the best…if not the best vacation ever. We had a great time at Walt Disney World and everything was just simply amazing.

Now we’re back to reality.

Boy, oh boy, are we back to reality. Thrown right back into the daily craziness of the rat race. But we’re holding up pretty good. I’m still humming or whistling corny Disney tunes. I’m so happy.
For nine days we didn’t see or hear any kind of news or any presidential election coverage. We simply didn’t care. Not that we didn’t care what was happening to the world, of course. But this was our vacation, damn it!

And from what we can tell so far since we’ve been back, nothing much has changed anyway. I already knew ten years ago that this financial disaster was going to happen. No, make that since Ronald Reagan was de-regulating the crap out of everything back in the 1980’s.

So, no surprise here. However, I am astounded that not more of the larger banks went bankrupt. I also don’t get why the rest of the country is so bewildered and stunned about all that’s happened. All the signs were right there in their faces. Oh yes, that’s right. Just like the saying goes “Love makes blind,” one can also implement that for money. Money, greed, selfishness…whatever you want to call it. The constant urge to having more, living even bigger and spending well beyond one’s means. Were people seriously expecting the American Way of Life to go on until all eternity?

Just like any dream, the American Dream had to come to an end eventually.

But by the looks of how people are reacting and over-reacting, one would think we’re still at Disney World. Ironically, the Disney folks have their act together. Unlike those politicians, CEOs and business people, or the majority of the population for that matter. They’re all acting more like spoiled brats who didn’t get their way and now they’re having a big-time fit. What’s up with the name calling, finger pointing and throwing these ridiculous tantrums. Not the way how mature adults are suppose to handle delicate situations in a rational and realistic way, is it? Yup, we’re back to reality alright!

Can we go back to Walt Disney World? Please?

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