Friday, October 24, 2008

Walt Disney World (part two of many)

Of the four theme parks inside Walt Disney World in Florida, we like Disney's Animal Kingdom the best. As the name might suggest it is basically a zoo. This being Disney, it's not like any ordinary zoo. They've done a remarkable job to recreate the natural habitats for most of the animals as close as possible to the real thing.

This theme park is gigantic. There's even an "African Savanna," where animals can roam around freely. This park is also extremely lush with vegetation and there are areas where one truly believes to be in the middle of a jungle. Disney's Animal Kingdom has an amazing array of the most diverse animals. It also houses a research center and a veterinarian hospital.
While there are some thrill rides, attractions and shows, they never take center stage. The true stars in this park are the animals and the environment in general.

We took too many photos to show them all here. Therefore, here are a few impression of this incredible park. We may add more pictures from Disney's Animal Kingdom down the road.

Music is everywhere. Whether is authentic African music or
your Disney favorite.

The park host animals from different continents such as Asia
and Africa. It also celebrates their culture and heritage.

The research center and animal hospital. Here people can learn
how to do their part to save the environment.
Of course, there are also thrill rides. It's still a Disney park after all.
"Expedition Everest," one of the best roller coasters around.
A little bit of India, in the Asian section. With tigers, flavorful indian
cuisine and a whole lot more.
George and I have a thing for bats. Obviously, so do the Disney folks.
One can find them ones, carved in stone or
wooden ones hanging from the ceiling inside a restaurant. Bats are
just fascinating and not at all creepy. We never understood why
they always get a bad reputation.
More impressions from "Asia,"...
...and "Africa."
A Disney visit without an obligatory photo-op with a Disney character?
Of course not. This is me and Rafiki from the "The Lion King."


ElfBear said...

Gott im Himmel! I'm so jealous. I've never had the opportunity to visit Disney in any of it's incarnations but the more I hear and see, the more tempted I become. THanks for posting so many wonderful photos, they sure help fuel the fantasy. Tschüß

Jim said...

Thanks for your comment. You should go and visit one of the parks whenever you get the chance. Especially if you like Disney, like we do. And it looks like someone knows German. Wie gehts? Nochmal vielen Dank und viele Grüße zurück. Tschüß :)