Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Am I?

Um...lately not so much.


Jeff said...

LOL! You and me both! Hope you guys are well and had a good summer!

Maurice said...

I think most bloggers, including myself, have become infrequent with their postings. Does that mean we only partially "are"? :-p Keep the blog around, though, and post whenever you feel like it.

Jim said...

Jeff and Maurice,

thank you for still droppin in. Yes, it has been very quiet in my immediate blogoshere. I was rather busy (aren't we all?) and there just wasn’t enough extra time to spend on blogging. Facebook also made it much easier to keep in touch with friends and family. And the fact that Blogger changed their format and made it more difficult to post a simple entry didn’t help either. Which can be rather frustrating. On the other hand, being frustrated is proof that in fact ‘I am.’ Right? LOL

But despite a very busy work schedule and trying to take care of everything else in-between, life’s been good and our summer was great. I hope you had a great summer as well.

Oh wonderful, I just noticed that Blogger changed their format yet again. Sigh! Maybe they actually improved it? We will see.

See you around and have a great weekend. :)