Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yesterday they started to rip open the street behind our house. In no time it was getting rather noisy, dusty and fumy. Not a pleasant way to spend a Saturday.

So George and I drove out to Red Rock Canyon. First, because we have been wanting to do that again for a while now. Second, they just reopened the renovated and expanded visitors center, which we haven't seen yet. And third, the entrance fee was waived for the weekend.

Surprisingly, there were hardly any people and the temperatures were more comfortable with slight breezes. In other words, this was a much better way to spend a Saturday. Something we definitely recommend.

Below are two short videos from our trip out to Red Rock Canyon, which is barely 30 minutes from our house. I really have no clue why we don't do that more often.

At the outlook platform of the newly renovated and expanded Red Rock Canyon visitor's center.

The Pine Creek trail at Red Rock Canyon, one of our favorite of all the many trails.


Anonymous said...

Mein Liebling. :)

Ice John's World said...

Thanks for sharing the videos! Very interesting to hear you guys' voice! :)