Friday, August 20, 2010

Dam Pretty View

Now that’s what I call a damn pretty view. Excuse me, I didn’t mean to sound inappropriate. That’s a “dam” pretty view. A pretty view of the dam, that is.

The completion of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge is nearly done and the drive between Las Vegas and the stateline of Arizona will be a breeze. As spectacular as
Hoover Dam is, driving over it to get into Arizona was not so much. Over the years it proved to be quiet a painful bottle neck and it wasn’t uncommon to be stuck in traffic for quite some time. When the bridge opens in November it will shave off some driving time and will make the drive between Las Vegas and Phoenix a bit more streamlined.

Of course, actually having a full-fledged freeway between the two cities would really speed things along. And there are rumors that a new, nearly 300 mile long freeway, called the
Interstate 11, is in the planning stages.

But that will still take some time. In the meantime just enjoy the “dam” view.

Click here to read the
Las Vegas Sun article, see more of the photo gallery and a video.

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Ice John's World said...

That's really cool picture! And the bridge surely will help improve the traffic!