Friday, March 19, 2010

Schildkröte und Schmetterlinge

Turtle and butterflies. I posted this picture for no particular reason other than I just simply liked it.

There’s not much to report. This week has been rather dull. George developed a slight head cold and hasn’t been feeling his best the last few days. He’s improving though.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and the Southern Nevadan desert is experiencing very Spring-like conditions which is rather unusual for this area. Normally it jumps from cool winter season right into hotter than hell summer weather without even the slightest trace of anything Spring-related. So we are enjoying this tremendously. There are blooming flowers and fresh greens sprouting everywhere. We can open our windows to let fresh air into our home and not yet having to worry about turning on the A/C units.

However, during our planned walk in the park yesterday evening the weather turned very quickly into this ferocious wind storm. One moment the air was still and quiet and the next, just as if someone flipped a light switch, we found ourselves in the middle of a dust storm. The wind was so strong that it picked up sand and smaller debris. We could barely walk and had to cover our eyes as we quickly returned to our car. The howling winds would continue to blow well into the early morning hours. The winds have subsided and now it’s merely a breeze.

Now guess what we will be doing on this Friday evening? Preparing our taxes. Yeah! That’s right, doing taxes on a Friday night makes us the life of every party. And for this weekend there’s grocery shopping, a visit to the library, a study group meeting, and lots of yard work on our list of exciting activities.

However, a friend of ours would like to take us out to an early birthday dinner for George tomorrow evening. So yes, there’s time for a little fun to be had.

There’s always time for some fun and food. That’s a requirement.


Homer said...

Are the flowers blooming there?

Jeff said...

Hope George has fully recovered and that he had/has a great birthday! :)

Jim said...

@Homer - Yes, the flowers sure are blooming here. And I'm starting to get the allergy sniffles to proof it, lol.

@Jeff - George is pretty much recovered. I think it's my turn now. Oy! Now I hope I won't spoil his birthday on Saturday :(

Doug Taron said...

Nice butterflies!