Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marching Right Along

This year 2010 is just marching right along, isn’t it? It’s already the month of March. Before you know it the days will be longer and temperatures will get hotter again.

George and I are still keeping busy with mostly work. In addition to his work schedule George is currently working on getting his master in education as well. He already got his feet wet as a substitute teacher. And he enjoyed it tremendously. I’m so happy for him to have found his calling.

We’ll be going to Los Angeles again in May. We got tickets to see Peter Gabriel performing some of his own songs and some cover songs live with an orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl. I can’t wait! And yesterday we got our hotel reservation confirmed too. The Hollywood Bowl is such a great open-air venue up in the Hollywood Hills. We’ve already seen John Williams conducting some of his now classic movie themes there as well as listened to Joel Grey and Ute Lemper singing Broadway tunes and some of the best American Standards songs together.

Hollywood, here we come...again!

Yesterday evening we saw Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” at a special screening. We went in with low expectations. The film was alright, not bad but not great either. George and I felt it was ordinary at best. I was surprised that certain computer generated scenes and effects looked rather tired, which surprised me. In this day and age of almost perfect computer technology and imagery one would expect better. I was also hoping that Tim Burton would finally start evolving from his predictable visual style. The film also dragged at times and some scenes were downright tedious. There were a few laughs here and there but overall the film was a bit stale. I also could not connect to the film’s heroine Alice whom felt cold and standoffish. Given the opportunity a story like “Alice in Wonderland” has to offer this movie could have been so much more.

The sun is out again in full force here in the high desert. Trees are turning green already and spring flowers are blooming. Since we had a rather unusual wet winter we can expect more wild flowers and grasses to cover the arid desert landscape with a burst of color in a few weeks. It’s a fairly rare occurrence but if it happens it’s one spectacular sight to behold. But for now more clouds and rain is predicted to move into the Las Vegas Valley as early as tomorrow.

We’ll see.

Not that we’re complaining. We need the rain desperately. The more the better.

Below are some random shots taken in the last two weeks or so.

One of many winter storms in February, which dumbed lots of snow in the mountains surrounding Las Vegas.

Detail of rain droplets on the window glass.

Detail of water drops caught in the weave of the sliding door screen.

Chocolate Chip Brownie, fresh out of the oven. George made it for a pot luck which was held in one of his classes. It smelled so good but I couldn’t have any. Only lookie lookie, but no touchie touchie. Darn!

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Jeff said...

Love the pics - as always - and those brownies look Absolutely Faboulous as well!