Monday, January 18, 2010

Munich in Black and White

Augsburger Dom


Tree “attacking” Muffat tower

Late winter afternoon in the Englischer Garten

Leftover advertising signage from a post World War II era

Art in the Fünf Höfe Mall

Arches inside the Augsburger Dom

A late evening ride in a commuter train

Munich street scene

Deutsches Museum - Electricity

Deutsches Museum - Stairwell

Walking giant in Schwabing

Munich Airport - Terminal 2



Jeff said...

These are absolutely wonderful! Black and white is often more striking than colour. You definitely have a great eye! Looking forward to more!

Homer said...

It is interesting how black and white photos make things a bit ominous!

Doug Taron said...

I've been enjoying your photos of your trip. This set is especially striking, particularly the first one.

F said...

Really love the Black and White photography . Giving me the wish to visit this country ... on day .

Jim said...

Thank you all very much. We really appreciate your kind words and we're glad that these photos find such a positive response.