Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Münchnerische Zufälligkeiten

Below are some random photos taken while on our vacation to Munich, Germany.
Along Ludwigstraße, near the university
Along the embankments of the river Isar
The main cathedral, Frauenkirche

Light art at the Tollwood winter festival

George always cracks up when he hears “Einfahrt,” or anything with “fahrt” in it

One of the courts of Fünf Höfe, or Five Courts, a shopping mall

Marking signs for municipal utility lines
An old lantern at St.-Anna-Platz, a square the neighborhood I grew up


Anonymous said...

Shoen, mein liebling. Sehr shoen!!!

假裝 said...


Jeff said...

HA! My Mandarin message is longer than your Mandarin message!! LOL!

Great pics, as always!

One of the lines I still remember from my Berlitz German language records: "Ich rate ihnen ein StadtrundFAHRT zumachen!" (Not sure of the spelling is correct)