Tuesday, December 15, 2009

‘Tis the season

There’s not much to report at this time as George and I are extremely busy with work, classes and everything in-between. The weeks and days leading up to the holidays were always a busy time for me. For whatever reason everyone thinks that the business world will be coming to an end if employees actually have a day or two off. Couple those days with a weekend and Capitalism as we know it truly comes to a complete standstill.

On top of that, I have the audacity to take a vacation. The nerve of me! Now everyone at my company is completely panicking and throws every imaginable project at me to finish before I leave for my vacation. You know, in case our plane nose-dives into the Atlantic or we decide to ask for political asylum in Germany or something like that. At least all my company’s projects will have been taken care of before I’m off donning some lederhosen and joining a yodeling group.

‘Tis the season after all.

Next Monday our friends Rover and Cal will be spending a few days for a romantic getaway at the Encore in Las Vegas. We’re looking forward to seeing them again, having a nice dinner together and a few good laughs. Then it’s time to slowly prepare for our upcoming trip to Germany. Departure day will be here before you know it and I’ll probably forget to pack something important.

Like my passport.

Below are a few random shots. An amazing sunrise after a night of blistering winter storms. A close-up of some holiday lights we’ve put on our mantle at home and an older picture of me when I was still a graphic artist at KSR/Snapdragon Interactive. That was by far the best job one could ever ask for. I still miss it.

Do you think I was trying too hard to look cool in this last picture?


Jeff said...

I totally hear re the craziness of December! I just made a similar post.
The sunrise is amazing. And you always look cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Ja, mein liebling ist fesch.

R said...

Trying? But you ARE cool! :-) I love the persimmon-colored background. I can see it as an ad with text on the wall or something... And the sunset is most spectacular...