Monday, September 28, 2009

What A Circus!

On Friday evening we went to the Onyx Theatre to see “Mommie Queerest.” We haven’t laughed so hard in the longest time. My tear ducts are still recovering. If you want a truly good time and experience a whole new slapsticky twist to the campy 1981 movie “Mommie Dearest” with Faye Dunaway, you have to go and see this stage production. Gotta love those wire hangers.

Just when you thought camp like this couldn’t possibly be made even campier.

But how’s this for campy? On Saturday we saw Britney Spears at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Yes...that Britney Spears. Never in a million years would I have even considered seeing her. Then one day George suggested we should go because they had reasonable tickets. And we should see her one last time before she ends up as some burned-out has-been on one of those crappy reality shows. So, why the heck not?

Her “The Circus” tour made a two night stop in Las Vegas and I have to admit that we both liked it. It was quite the spectacle. Clever in fact. The show, the acrobats and dancers, the costumes were really something to behold.

So did the Mistress of Ceremony, Ms. Spears herself, dare to actually sing live? What do you think?
No, of course not. Not one bit. Every song was lip synced and every one of her moves was robotically choreographed. She even had a double performing her part for the last bits of the “concert.” Not that it mattered anyway, because we expected as much and everyone around us was completely oblivious to that fact and really couldn’t care less. We didn’t regret going however. Despite some flaws we truly enjoyed this whole “circus” act.

Yesterday morning we decided to treat ourselves with a Shakshouka-style breakfast. Lots of fresh tomatoes, spicy herbs and eggs, nicely broiled and served over sourdough bread. Yum, yum and yum!

Otherwise we just messed about the house, the backyard, chatted with friends on web sites and on the phone and caught up on some television shows that we’ve taped over the last few days. We also worked out and did our usual walks and jogs through Pueblo Park. Most of the photos below are from our walk in the park yesterday early afternoon and what we usually see along the way.

All in all, another great weekend.

Yesterday morning started out with some Shaksouka

Later we walked in Pueblo Park, here is the section closest to West Lake Mead Boulevard

Along the Pueblo Park, with the Spring Mountain Range in the background

It rarely rains in Las Vegas, but when it does you don't want to be caught here during a flash flood. They can form within minutes and turn into a ravaging river.

More of the park

There are plenty of yuccas, ocotillos and other desert flora

The red rock, the only one in all of the park

There are also plenty of critters to observe. Squirrels, rabbits, tarantulas, snakes, bats...
And then there are these critters...

Still blooming, even in all this desert heat

There are lots of recreational facilities, barbeque areas and play grounds

The land of the free...with tons of regulations
The driveway to the parking lot from Lake Mead Boulevard

Afterwards we just had to reward ourselves. Marble cake with whipped topping and chocolate syrup. That's right, we live the good life!

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