Monday, August 24, 2009

Black and White With a Tad of Blue

Or I can put the following in our blog instead.

We spent a nice Sunday walking in the park, doing a little grocery shopping, some laundry and then just relaxed for the rest of the day.

However, Saturday turned out more dramatic then we had planned. We were suppose to take George’s mother to the airport before the break of dawn. Of course, our car battery decided to die right there and then as we were ready to put her luggage in the trunk.

Damn you, stupid desert heat, cause of early car battery death.

So we loaded all her stuff into her old Cadillac and took her to McCarran Int’l Airport. While she was happily on her way to another globe-trotting adventure, George and I were hoping that the service department of our car dealer would be open to deal with our little dilemma. Luckily, they were and the old Cadillac was now helpful to at least jump start our car in order to take to the dealership. Without turning on the A/C, radio or even the turn indicators, I drove very carefully and hoped the car wouldn’t die on me on the way to the dealership. George followed me in the old Cadi. Young, hot service guy Leonard was there but unfortunately we didn’t get him this time around. Darn! We were just glad that our car was taken care of.

Dressed in black and white with a tad of blue, ready to have some fun

This was way too much drama for this particular day. You see, we were hoping to save our energy for the annual Black & White Party at the Hard Rock Hotel that evening. Having to get up early at some ungodly hour to take someone to the airport and then dealing with car trouble is not so helpful if one plans to make it through a late, fun-filled party night.

Fortunately, we seemed to have stored enough energy for unplanned dramas and big fun parties. The Black & White Party had a great turnout and raised $100,000 for AFAN. There were some great costumes and plenty of freaks around. Along with lots of free food and drinks, entertainment and lots of loud earth-shattering dance music. We danced and moved until we were drenched in sweat. It was lots of fun and we ended up staying out until sometime around 3 a.m.

This was the place to be that night, except maybe for the Depeche Mode concert that happened simultaneously at Palm's Pearl Theatre on the other side of the Strip.

Then the effect of all the drama and fun suddenly hit us. And we hit the sack.

Sorry, no airport shuttle service this time around.

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