Thursday, August 27, 2009

And off we go...

This day couldn’t have come fast enough. But it’s finally here. Right after work today, George and I are driving to California once more. And we’re so ready for a long weekend and nice break.

We’ll be staying with family who live not too far away from that particular magic kingdom which is ruled by mice and ducks. And tomorrow, that’s where we’ll be.

Well, not exactly at the kindgom itself but rather at the adjacent California Adventure theme park. It’s part of the whole Disneyland Resort area so it’s basically the same. Not really, but kinda. All the Mouseketeers out there know what I mean. We haven’t been to California Adventure in a while and we can’t wait.

And since tomorrow is my birthday, I’ll get in for free. It’s going to be so much fun. We have no plans for Saturday yet other than spending the day with family. Maybe we just hang out on the beach. Whatever happens happens.

However, we were hoping to escape the triple digit temperatures that are usually hovering over the Mojave Desert in the middle of summer. Hmmm...imagine that? But no such luck. It looks like Anaheim, California will be baked at slightly over 100º F tomorrow as well. Plus 25% humidity. That might not seem like a lot. But to us desert dwellers, whom are used to zero humidity, this might as well be like being inside a sauna.

It’ll be one hot and steamy birthday.

You’ll see us at the Grizzly River Run a lot tomorrow.

George, the big cheese and I at the Disney Studios in Orlando, Florida last fall. Yup, we’re big-time Disney freaks.

As if you haven’t figured that one out already.


Anonymous said...

Mein Liebling!!!!!
Alles gute zum geburtstag!!!!
Ich liebe Dich,


Jeff said...

Oh you Disney dudes, at it again!! :) Hope you are having a great time!