Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Cold Grumbler

And they say Americans don’t know anything about their own history.

I’m sick of being cold all the time. I’m sitting here at work every day in front of the computer and no matter what I do I just feel extremely cold. It doesn’t matter if I wear a sweater or a jacket. My fingers are like icicles and my skin is dry and breaks up to a point where I start to bleed.

In other words...I’m sick of winter.

Mind you, the winters here in Las Vegas are mild in comparison to the recent ice storms in the Midwest, where the temperatures dropped well below freezing. People there are without power due to downed power lines and probably will be for weeks to come. I remember the frigid cold of many winters in Germany when I grew up there. I was such a tough cookie back then. I’d run around in short sleeve shirts or wearing a light summer jacket when it was freezing cold out. It didn’t bother me then, nor did I ever get sick. Now I turned into a wimp. Sniffling, sneezing and shivering my way through the winter season.

But we live in a desert, damn it! Granted, it’s a high desert where colder temperatures during the winter months are not that unusual. But still. We are also experiencing one of the coldest and longest lasting winters in decades. With lots of snow even here in Las Vegas. Snow that actually stuck around. If it would ever snow here, as it rarely does, it would be nothing to brag about. It would consist of a few flurries really.

Nevertheless, we had yet another big winter storm blasting through the valley this last weekend. There’s over 20 inches of snow up on Mount Charleston. According to the weather forecast there’s another winter storm approaching.

Enough already!

Like I said, I turned into a wimp. A crybaby. Just because it’s a little colder here than usual. And I don’t like it! I hate winter! It’s not like we have to deal with blizzard-like conditions. Or with another extreme on the opposite side of the spectrum, such as the wildfires which are currently ravaging in Australia. Close to 200 people have perished there. Livelihoods destroyed. A true tragedy.

And here I am complaining about having cold fingers.

I shut up now!

Until the temperatures in Las Vegas reach way over 100 degrees Fahrenheit again in a few months. Guess what I’ll be complaining about then?

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Jeff said...

February is the cruelest month! I'm pining for the sun and warmth, too!