Monday, January 12, 2009

Seeing the Light

AFAN, a local organization which provides support for adults and children living with and affected by HIV or AIDS, has sent out a reminder to participate in its annual AIDS Walk this coming April. George and I have been part of this event for a few years now. It’s for a good cause and it’s usually lots of fun. And with the economy as bad as it is, I’m sure this organization can use every single penny it can get.

So, if you happen to be visiting Las Vegas on Sunday, April 19th, why not helping out people who work for a good cause to be the big winners for a change. Besides, you’ll meet new people and get some exercise out in the fresh air. Doesn’t that sound like more fun than sitting in front of a dumb lifeless slot machine inside a smoke-filled casino?

I was playing around a bit with our camera over the weekend. My good friend Sabine sent us a nice set of three glass tealight holders for Christmas. I took some detail shots of the colored glass holders, trying to have some fun with lighting and reflections. The last photo is a close-up of water droplets on our newly installed kitchen faucet. I just love stuff like that.

It doesn’t matter how often we try to clean and wipe down the faucet to keep it all neat and dry, there will always be tons of water spots all over that darn thing. if that isn’t a big case of “Duh!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy, vielen Dank für Eure Weihnachtskarte und den Hinweis auf diesen blog. Die Familie hat sehr interessiert gelesen und geguckt (Photos sind ganz toll). Vegas hat sich sehr verändert. Vielleicht treffen wir uns tatsächlich einmal - bei uns oder bei Euch. Ganz herzliche Grüße von allen an Euch zwei - Erika

Jeff said...

Beautiful photos! Perhaps the faucet is sweating with all your 'hot' weather in Las Vegas! :)

Anonymous said...

Mein Liebling ist ein keunstler! Sehr shoen, Liebling.