Friday, February 8, 2008


I’m so glad when this day is over. Luckily it’s Friday already and I’m really looking forward to this weekend. But first I have to digest another episode of utter incompetence in today’s corporate America.

I won’t get into details. Let’s just say my company needed a large quantity of a fairly simple brochure reproduced by one of the leading copy service companies. Even after giving them a self-explanatory, fool-proof, no-brainer PDF file, they were still able to completely ruin a very simple job. Not only did they not produce what we asked for, they waited until the very last minute to let us know about it, using some cockamamie excuse. Eventually they had to admit that they’ve messed up. Mediocrity running amok.

Wie auch immer…

I never understood the obsession of people with their cell phones, iPods, or other forms of communication devices. Almost everybody seems to be on a cell 24/7. What is there to talk about all the time? In the bathroom stall, taking a dump? Thanks, buddy, for letting me in on everything!

From what I involuntarily gather it’s mostly nonsense anyways. Does nobody ever talk to real people anymore? You know, face to face, without the help of any electronic gadgets. But how about this concept? Just take a little time-out from all the artificial voices and noises for a change. Does nobody want a little peace and quiet anymore every once in a while? Try it. Enjoy the silence!

My point exactly! What’s up with people watching TV or a movie on an itsy-bitsy tiny screen on one’s cell, iPhone, iPod or what have you? Don’t they rather watch movies at home, lounging all comfy in front of a nice widescreen TV with an all digital surround sound system? Even a regular analog television set would do. Why watch anything on a screen so small one would need a microscope to even find it? And no, people shouldn't be watching movies while they’re driving or walking across a busy intersection. Don’t laugh. I’ve actually seen that with my own eyes.

Well, here it is. My first rant. It was bound to happen sooner or later. And I'm usually such a happy person. Really, I am! It’s been a crazy day already, so please forgive me. I’m planning on spending a fabulous weekend with the love of my life, however. Free from stress, free from cell phone calls. We’re going to the theater tomorrow. With real people on stage. Acting...without the help of any "iThingies." With an auditorium full of living breathing people...reacting. Real communication between people. You know…without any gadgets. What a noble concept indeed.

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