Monday, February 1, 2010


George and I weren’t much impressed with the highly anticipated iPad. Another big hoopla about nothing. I doubt this toy will be successful but what do I know. Isn’t it just an over-sized...and over-prized!!!...iPhone anyway?

One thing you can’t do with an iPhone, iPad or iPhool is spending an amazing day at Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Las Vegas. George and I went hiking on one of the many trails that takes you through bizarre desert rock formations or semi-alpine landscapes with breathtaking vistas. Recent winter storms left enough snow on the surrounding mountain summits, looking as if they were topped with powdered sugar.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is only about a 30-minute drive from our house. We can even see some of the red stone walls and summits from our upstairs windows. We should visit this amazing place more often.

But sometimes life has other things planned for us. Hopefully it’ll allow us a couple more of these excursions though. Below are some impressions from our hike on Saturday.


Doug Taron said...

It's been way too long since I've been to Red Rock Canyon. Your beautiful pictures are a welcome contrast to a snowy Chicago morning.

Carligg021 said...

如果成為一支火柴,也要點亮一個短暫的宇宙;如果是一隻烏鴉,也要叫疼閉塞的耳膜。 ....................................................

Jeff said...

Great pics, as usual. And it looks like it was a beautiful day for a hike. Our retired neighbour lust left for a month in Arizona. Wish I was going with her. I've got a really bad case of the winter doldrums!

Anonymous said...

sehr shoen, mein liebling.